Primož Jakopin, photo diary

Rurutu, January and February 2003, part V

All images are 400 x 300 pixels in size. Numbers in front of picture descriptions are serial numbers of the original shots (2560 x 1920 pixels). (c) P. J. 2003 - 2015

Deep lake abyss and White cave, with Viriamu Teuruarii

Deep lake abyss

The Lake hall at the bottom of the cave

6166. The left side of the lake

6170. The lake, a view from the collapse

6171. Viriamu in the lake

6173. Ascent of the abyss above the lake

6174. The collapse leading to the Lake hall, a view from below

Entrance hall

6178. White cave scenery up close

6180. Stalagmites and stalactites above the balcony at the middle of the hall

6184. Wall curtains at the top of the hall

6185. Large curtain to the right of the entrance

6188. Cave entrance has two openings, Viriamu

The way from Deep lake abyss to the White cave

6189. Viriamu on the path below the cliff, close to the sea

White cave

The Upper hall

6193. Central part of the hall - a view from above

6194. Small dripstone cascades at the side of the hall

6195. Stalactites formed during oscillating times of dry and wet times are of very varied forms

6200. At the bottom of the hall, Viriamu

Entrance hall

6204. Dripstone pans at the top of the hall, white pillar in the background

6205. Vivid scenery at the northern upper side of the hall

6209. Rock formations at the south wall, center; a view from the north

6212. The most beautiful cave scene on Rurutu: the upper part of the central southern wall as seen from the balcony in the northern wall

6214. The western upper part of the hall

6216. A view from the center of the hall down towards the entrance openings

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