Primož Jakopin, photo diary

Rurutu, January and February 2003, part X

All images are 400 x 300 pixels in size. Numbers in front of picture descriptions are serial numbers of the original shots (2560 x 1920 pixels). (c) P. J. 2003 - 2015

From Vitaria to Avera and Narui


6321. Children bathing at the Vitaria beach

On the road from Vitaria to Avera

6322. Vertical volcanic strata above the road Vitaria - Avera, up close

6323. Horseback transportation - two horsemen riding to Vitaria from Avera

6324. Mt. Teape and Mt. Taatioe from the road close to Avera

6325. Elephant ear, one of the most spectacular plants on Rurutu

6327. A horse and Avera bay from the north

The road from Avera to Narui

6328. An invited but colourful guest

6329. Two isolated cliff towers at the south of Avera

6330. Gentle blossom with all shades of white

6331. A horse before the green curtain above the road

6332. The horse

6333. Hibiscus bloom, the most popular hair decoration of the Rurutu women


6334. Mr. Pito Taii and his son chopping the firewood

6335. Cape hiding the first cove on the beach from the north

6336. A view to the north with Pointe Teutu and Pointe Parari

6337. Northern cape of the cove from the middle point in the sea

6338. The hill above the beach from the sea

6344. Mr. Arii Rai

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