Primož Jakopin, photo diary

Rurutu, January and February 2003, part XVI

All images are 400 x 300 pixels in size. Numbers in front of picture descriptions are serial numbers of the original shots (2560 x 1920 pixels). (c) P. J. 2003 - 2015

From Vitaria to Hauti, The goat cave, From Hauti to Vitaria

Vitaria to Hauti

6452. Hervé Aulagnier, the seaman, ready for a bike trip

6453. At the bank in Moerai

6454. Dorianne, at the beach in Hauti

6455. The cliff south of Hauti, from the sea

Pointe Poroa

6456. Waves, falling

6457. Waves, full size

6458. Pointe Poroa from the north

Pointe Toarepe

6463. Rock, waves and the sea north of Pointe Toarepe

6465. Rocks, waves and the sea at Pointe Toarepe

Hauti bay

6467. Crab, ? ?, in defense position

6468. Crab, ? ?, more relaxed

6476. Morska klobasa, ?, southern side of the Hauti bay

6469. Erosion-formed statue to the south of the small field below the Goat cave

6470. Hauti bay from the entrance of the Goat cave, in the rain

The goat cave

6471. The pillar in the upper chamber, a view out

6475. Cave entrance, a view out

The coast to the southeast of the airport

6477. A view to the northwest with the end of the tarmac in the distance

6478. A view to the southeast towards the Moerai bay

6479. Yellow sea-snake, ?, with brown patches

6480. Pink red Hibiscus bloom, Vitaria

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