Primož Jakopin, photo diary

Tunisia, June 2006, part IV

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Ain Essbat

The track to Ain Essbat

11744. Ensablement 4 km from Ksar Ghilane to the south - the track to Ain Essbat is not passable by a 2 WD

Dunes to the west

11823. Dunes - free of litter nad gravel

11824. A friend of Arlette with his Landcruiser

11825. The back of a dune

11826. The saddle between the dunes

11828. Arlette's friend

11829. Dunes, uphill

11830. Double bush in the dunes

11831. Landcruiser on top of a dune

Ain Essbat

11833. Bel Kassem in the traditional dress

11834. The entrance to the inner yard

11835. The entrance to the campement

11836. The shallow artificial lake in front of the entrance

Back to Ksar Ghilane

11837. Josy-Anne and her husband with their pickup in front of the car-supply depot in Ksar Ghilane

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