Primož Jakopin, photo diary

El Hierro, January/February 2007, part V

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Cueva de Arenas Blancas and Cueva Abrigo

From Punta de los Saltos to Playa de la Herradura


12232. Waves crushing on the cape

12301. A view to the sea over the lava field

12296. Top view of a narrow cove

Cueva de Arenas Blancas


12299. Cave entrance is below a low cliff, on the other side of a hot arena without a slightest breeze

12298. A view out of the entrance, used in warmer times of the year by the flower-power people, with an elapor plane model in the background

12297. The cave also has an inner chamber, the floor of which is covered by fine, light-colored dust; a view out

Lava wrinkles


12300. Lava wrinkles - marmalade style

12314. Green, water-sparing island in the black desert

12315. Lava wrinkles, contre-jour

Cueva Abrigo


12291. The cliff with the cave, close to the harbor and Punta de los Saltos; Montana de Prim and Montana Restinga in the background

12231. The entrance is an opening in the lava curtains

12230. "Aboriginal" sculpture in the yard of the cave

12229. The cave chamber with bed platform

12228. The cave chamber - a view out

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