Primož Jakopin, photo diary

El Hierro, January/February 2007, part VI

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Cueva de Arena Negra


12225. A view from the vicinity of the cave to the sea with a wave hitting the coast

12242. Broken lava slabs with sparse vegetation close to the entrance

12331. Areas of black sand, the entrance, view to the sea

12226. The entrance can be climbed easily, gloves are a necessity; during the first visit in cloudy weather the air temperature at the entrance was 16,0 deg. C

12316. The entrance from inside

12318. At the entrance there is a 2.5 meters deep step, view out

12330. The entrance bottom seen from the main and only tunnel

12329. Smooth lava deposits on the ceiling, like black dripstone

12244. The floor at the beginning of the tunnel is covered with black sand, a view in; air temperature rose to 16,6 deg. C

12319. The same scene with two additional side flashes

12320. Continuation of the tunnel is lower, with quite sharp lava floor; a view in

12321. At the middle of the tunnel the floor drops by 70 cm; a view in

12328. Lava cascade from the previous picture; a view out

12243. The ceiling is getting lower slowly, a view in

12322. Towards the second area of black sand, a view in; air temperature was 18,7 deg. C

12324. Second black sand deposit, with a thin root protruding from the ceiling; a view in

12327. On several places in the cave there are considerable mammal bone deposits; a bone arrow pointing towards the side of the tunnel

12326. Towards the end of the cave the roof descends to a squeeze; a view in

Views from above the entrance to the four cardinal directions


12294. View to the north with Montana Restinga in the background

12295. View to the east with the port's eastern and western mole in the background

12292. View to the south

12293. View to the west

V - Cueva de Arenas Blancas and Cueva Abrigo      VII - From the entrance of Cueva de Don Justo to the trail to Cueva del Diablo  

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