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El Hierro, January/February 2007, part VII

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From the entrance of Cueva de Don Justo to the trail to Cueva del Diablo

Cueva de Don Justo* entrance


12234. Oven-like volcanic forms, some 3 m high, on the trail from La Restinga to the cave entrance

12247. A view to the south

12249. A view to the west

12250. A view to the east

12251. A view to the north, to Montana de Prim, unlocked cave entrance in the foreground

12252. A view from the cave out; air temperature in the entrance is 22,8 deg. C and the humidity is close to the dewing point

From Cueva de Don Justo to Cueva de la Paloma


12253. Mushroom-shaped cloud to the southeast of Montana de Prim

12254. Shallow cavern opening, view from the south

12255. Senecio kleinia

12256. Shallow cavern, a view out

12257. A single trunk of Senecio kleinia

12258. Shallow cavern opening, up close

12259. Clouds and sea to the south

12261. Four "blooms" of Velvet Rose, Aeonium canariense

12262. Extensive raining in the past days damaged the road, in this arid area built without roadside ditches

12263. Ceilingless lava tube

12264. Opening in a small lava tube just below the surface

12265. Some 10 cm long grasshopper on a velvet rose

Cueva de la Paloma


12266. The cone hill with the cave from the south

12267. The cone hill from the west, cave entrance above left from the center of the picture

12268. View of the ridge to the south

12269. Cave has one chamber - view to the entrance and the window above it

From Cueva de la Paloma to Tacorón


12273. Some 5 m high lava cauliflower to the west of the cave cone

12274. Cave cone hill from the west, at a distance

12275. After the rain a small lake formed, but dried up quickly

12276. The torrent, obviously one in many years, carved away some 10 m of the road

12277. Canarian pine, Pinus canariensis on the slope to Malpaso

12278. Three-trunked pine

12279. Pines often grow in grove clusters

12280. Mar de las Calmas bay - view from above Tacorón to Faro de Orchilla

12281. Landslide-prone wall above Tacorón

The trail to Cueva del Diablo


12289. Mountain face above the trail, view to the east

12288. 2 m monolith, rolled from the mountain to the trail

12287. Balsam spurge, Euphorbia balsamifera, bushes - a late afternoon view to the sea, contre-jour

12285. Inviting pond, some 8 m above the coast, reached only by the foam of high tide waves

12283. The trail is quite adventurous, part of it can be seen upper-left in the picture

12282. The last view of the rock which hides the cave entrance - a stone avalanche drove a critical portion of the trail into the seaa

* Cueva de Don Justo could be the most interesting cave in the Canaries for true cavers, as the Cueva del Viento on Tenerife is plagued by pollution problems, it is situated beneath the town of Icod de los Vinos, and Cueva de Los Verdes on Lanzarote is exploited for mass tourism. Cueva de Don Justo is 6,300 meters long and has a denivelation of 140 meters - on some occasions there are 8 tunnels running in parallel. The entrance is somewhat hidden, but can easily be reached as it is placed at the foot of Montana de Prim and very close to the road El Pinar - La Restinga. From the entrance chamber one tunnel, easily passable, leads to the SE while the other, with a 4 m shaft at the beginning, leads to the NW. It is possible to reach it through the SE tunnel. The cave has an endemic fauna and is closed for tourist visits. The visit, strictly for scientific purposes, requires a permit by Oficina de Medio Ambiente in Valverde. The landowner lives on Tenerife.

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