Primož Jakopin, photo diary

Kornati Archipelago, May 2013

Getting there

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Sukošani Marina


17066. Evening view of the sailing boat fleet




17067. Venetian lion above the old town gate


17068. Ferry Zadar - Ugljan under the evening sky


17069. Souvenir market on the shore


17070. Hanibal Lucić ferry at the pier


17073. Light above the restaurant table


Sukošani Marina


17074. Early morning view across the bay


17075. Rising sun over the forest of masts


17076. Rising sun over the yacht harbor


17077. Asleep on the bench in the boat room


17078. Breakfast for the health conscious: cous-cous with pears, bananas, apples and cranberries


17080. A display of how a soccer goalie properly clears the ball ...


17081. it flew in the air alright ...


17082. but landed in the sea where it had to be picked up from a dinghy.


From Sukošani to Isle of Mrtovac


17083. The dinghy was lifted at the stern to reduce the water resistance


17084. Ships at the pier west of Kukljica on Ugljan island


17086. Pašman - Ugljan islands connection bridge


17087. Bridge metal frame has a 16.5 meter clearance above the sea level


17088. A passing speedboat, view across the port side of the boat


II - Isle of Mrtovac  

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