Primož Jakopin, photo diary

Kornati Archipelago, May 2013

Isle of Mrtovac (Dead Man Island)

Images are usually 800 x 533 pixels in size, numbers in front of picture descriptions are serial numbers of the original shots (2048 x 3072 pixels). Copyright (c) P. Jakopin 2013


17089. View from the north


17090. View from the ENE


17091. At the bow of the sailing boat, just before releasing the anchor


17092. Dinghy lifted to shore for safety, boat and Levrnaka island in the background


17093. View SE from the SE ridge


17094. SE wall of the island, islands Borovnik and Balun in the background


17095. A deposit of calcium carbonate crystals


17096. The NW - SE wall is karstified to a great extent


17097. At the side of a pothole, about halfway from the SE tip of the island to the top of the wall, is a plaque with cave's serial number, as registered by SOV (Speleološki Odsjek Velebit) grotto.


17098. Cave entrance from above


17099. About 10 meter deep shaft leads into the sea, with an underwater exit in the wall.


17100. Close view of the sea at cave bottom


17101. A pyramid-shaped CaCO3 crystal


17102. Kidney vetch, Anthyllis vulneraria subsp. praepropera, ranjak


17103. Kidney vetch grows on the island in abundance


17104. Iris pseudopallida, jadranska perunika


17105. Grass lily, Ornithogalum umbellatum, ptičje mleko in Slovenian


17106. Horseshoe vetch, Hippocrepis comosa, navadna podkvica in Slovenian


17107. Beaked hawksbeard, Crepis vesicaria, mehurjasti dimek in Slovenian


17108. Common hollyhock, Alcea rosea, sljez in Croatian, rožlin in Slovenian


17109. View from the island's SE plateau to the NE isthmus


17110. Dugootočka zečina, Centaurea ragusina, growing from the wall near the island's top


17111. View down the 15 meter precipice from the island's top, with many tufts of Centaurea ragusina


17112. Lady's mantle, Alchemilla vulgaris, vrkuta in Croatian, plahtica in Slovenian


17113. View NW across the wall


17115. Grass lily and kidney vetch


17116. Dugootočka zečina, Centaurea ragusina, in the meadow


17117. Ship Bočac passing by on the outer side of the island, direction NW


17118. White hedge-nettle, Prasium majus


17119. Alkanet bugloss, Alkanna tinctoria, looks like forget-me-not (spominčica in Slovenian) but is different


17120. Morning glory, Calystegia soldanella, primorski slak in Slovenian


17121. Grass lily


17122. Smooth golden fleece, Urospermum dalechampii, repatka in Slovenian


17123. Smooth golden fleece


17124. The wall and the sea


17125. Chimney bellflower, Campanula pyramidalis, piramidasta zvončnica in Slovenian; it probably did not bloom yet.


17126. View SE from top of the island


17127. At the top of the island


17128. View NW from top of the island, Dugi otok island far away, islands Obručan Mali and Obručan Veli in the proximity


17129. View north with islands Obručan Veli and Levrnaka in the proximity, Kornat in the background


17130. View NE to the isthmus and Levrnaka island


17131. Dugootočka zečina, Centaurea ragusina on the rock above the sea


17132. View from top of the wall to the SE


17133. A large tuft of kadulja, Salvia officinalis, žajbelj in Slovenian


17134. Kadulja, Salvia officinalis, up close


17135. View NNW across the shrubs, Obručan Veli, Levrnaka and Kornat islands in the background


17136. Above the coastline there is grass with lonely shrubs


17139. View of Mrtovac from the sea, from SE


17140. Mrtovac and Obručan Veli from the SE


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