Primož Jakopin, photo diary

Kornati Archipelago, May 2013

From Isle of Mrtovac to Isle of Žirje

Images are usually 800 x 533 pixels in size, numbers in front of picture descriptions are serial numbers of the original shots (2048 x 3072 pixels). Copyright (c) P. Jakopin 2013


17141. Borovnik and Balun islands


17142. Steep Borovnik wall from close range


17143. Borovnik wall from SE


17144. Catching a glimpse of a large underwater ledge


17145. Side of a partly collapsed dome that rounds off an underwater amphitheatre


17146. Amphitheatre wall, up close


17147. Outer wall of the island is heavily karstified.


17148. Balun island


17149. Southern tip of Balun


17152. Film city on the Mana island, built of stone, used to mimic old Greek town


17151. Film city ruins above the cliff


17154. Veli Rašip island SW wall


17155. Veli Rašip wall and a passing sailing boat, engine driven


Vela Panitula island


17156. View southeast across the stony terrain


17157. View of Mala Panitula island and Škanj Veli reef, Lavsa island in the background


17158. The cliff


17161. Sun through the clouds


17162. Late afternoon on the gravel beach: too cold to swim, warm enough to relax


17163. Young but very keen rower took his relative back to the boat


17165. Early morning marina scene: pier A with sailing boats


From Marina Piškera to Velika Stupica bay on Isle of Žirje


17166. Pointing to a place where large fish can be found


17167. Klobučar island's wall


17170. Gustac island from the northeast


17171. A small reef between Kasela and Veli Prišnjak islands, from NE


17173. Babina guzica island (Grandma's Behind)


17174. Babina guzica as a submarine


17175. Island Samograd


17177. Ship's bow, cutting the water


   II - Isle of Mrtovac   IV - Gradina Cave on the Isle of Žirje  

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