Primož Jakopin, photo diary

Kornati Archipelago, May 2013

Gradina Cave on the Isle of Žirje

Images are usually 800 x 533 pixels in size, numbers in front of picture descriptions are serial numbers of the original shots (2048 x 3072 pixels). Copyright (c) P. Jakopin 2013


17180. Getting ashore in the dinghy


17182. In the yard of the old fort


17183. Gradina Cave ID plate


17184. At the cave pit entrance


17211. At the ruins


17212. Clouds above the Škrovada island


17213. The sea and the clouds


17214. A handstand on the roof of the cylindrical stone roof


17215. Late afternoon sun and clouds above the sea


17216. Byzantine fortress riuns


17217. On the trail, close to the sea


17218. Paddling back to the boat


   III - From Isle of Mrtovac to Isle of Žirje   V - Getting back  

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