Primož Jakopin, photo diary

Kornati Archipelago, May 2013

Getting back

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From Velika Stupica bay to Vela Panitula island


17219. In the bow cabin


Marina Piškera, island of Vela Panitula


17225. Paddling from pier A to pier B in the marina


17228. Four sailing boats at the pier C, view from pier B


17232. Calcium carbonate crystal deposit on the shore


17233. In the dinghy, on the way from the beach to the pier B, Piškera island in the background


17238. Handstand in the shallow water


Lavsa island, Southern bay


17241. The boat, view from the dinghy


17244. Southwest view from the hilltop, to Klobučar island and Purara island in the distant background


17245. Rock wall at the western tip of the peninsula south of the bay, view to the southwest


17246. The boat


17247. Voyage to Sali: Crkva Gospe od Tarca church on the Kornat island with old fort on the hill


Katina island, Eastern bay


17248. Boat on anchor, view to the south


17249. Rowing a heavily loaded dinghy


17250. Returning to the boat for a second round of passengers


17252. In the bottom of the bay there is a large olive grove.


17256. Hill south of the bay


17258. On the hilltop, view to the southeast, archipelago in the background


17261. View of the bay and the olive grove from the hilltop


17262. On the hilltop there is an arena of rock pyramids


17264. Returning to the boat


17265. View of the dinghy and the boat from the olive grove


From Katina to Tukoščak


17266. Dinghy in the ship track, eastern Katina bay with olive grove in the background


17267. A tourist excursion boat passing by in the direction NW


17268. Two two-mast sailing boats passing by in the direction SE


17269. Sailing boat motoring in the SE direction


17270. Sailing boat and a speedboat


17271. At the bow, direction Sali


17273. Sailing boat moving in SE direction


17274. Sali on Dugi otok island from the sea


17275. Boat with divers, diving suits drying at the side, moving in the NW direction


17276. On the bow


Tukoščak island


17277. Approaching the island


17278. The island


17279. Seagulls in flight


17280. Western tip of the island, seagulls in the air


17282. From bottom to top: Dalmatian spurge, Euphorbia wulfenii (dalmatinski mleček), dinghy on the shore, the boat, islands offshore Dugi otok island, Dugi otok


17288. Starfish, Costinasterias tenuispina in shallow water


17292. View from the beach towards Dugi otok island and the setting sun


17293. The coast is paved with nearly horizontal rock plates


17299. In the bow seat, Dugi otok archipelago in the background


17300. Two swimmers, after completion of the island circumswimming, eastwards


Marina Sukošani


17303. A Dutch group before departing home


17304. A yacht, moved above ground after cleanup and painting


17305. View of the marina


Zadar from the speeding car


17307. A building overgrown with greenery


17308. Suburban street


17309. The entrance of the City Galleria shopping center


17310. Cypress trees besides a little old church




17312. On the beach below Martina restaurant, Prvič island in the background


17316. A handstand on the beach plateau


17317. Wild barley, Hordeum vulgare grows as weed on the coast slope


17318. The beach, islands Prvič (left) and Krk (right) in the background


17319. He tried to pick a nice white stone from the water, but slipped and got wet to the waist, she watched him from the safety of dry land.


   IV - Gradina Cave on the Isle of Žirje  

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