Primož Jakopin

Žirje Report


Getting there

May 27 and 28


Kamnik pod Krimom, preparations for evening departure


17605. Breakfast - muesli, corn flakes, hot milk, hot water, banana, cherries, cranberries


17606. Lunch: peppermint-and-egg soup with bread, tomato salad, carrot salad and garlic


Sea voyage on a ferry Šibenik - Zlarin - Kaprije - Žirje


17607. View of Šibenik from the sea with a tugboat on the west side


17609. In the Strait of Šibenik, view south


17610. Northwestern cape of the strait with a beacon


17611. An opening in the eastern cliff, built as a naval shelter


17612. Old fort at the the southeastern cape of the strait


17613. Inland-bound sailing boat, passing west of the fort


Island of Zlarin


17614. View of the island with dense sky over it, from the west


17615. Port of Zlarin from the sea, at a distance


17616. Port of Zlarin


From Zlarin to Kaprije


17617. Wind and cold required proper clothing, though the sun peeked through the clouds.


17619. After Kaprije only one passenger car and one sand-and-concrete loaded truck remained on the ferry.


17620. Most sailing ships encountered were chartered and the owners usually preferred motoring over sailing.


17621. Village of Kaprije, an the bottom of the bay


17623. Kaprije and it's harbour, view from the sea


17624. Empty ferry, landing platform just started to be lowered.


17625. Plavi val passenger boat entering the port of Kaprije


17626. Sailing boat and a seagull, Kakan island in the background


17627. Cloud stripes over Žirje


17628. Žirje, coast north of Muna, view from the east


17629. Muna, now main settlement on Žirje, view from the sea


Vela glava, ex-northern artillery battery post


17631. After lunch, at one of the cannon pedestals of the Vela glava artillery battery (6 guns) position. It housed 90-mm guns (in action on Žirje, 1991), installed for shelling hostile ships in case of war. Northern battery was removed as obsolete before 1991, while the southern one on Zvizdulje hill remained, surrendered to Croatian forces, together with a good supply of ammunition, and was used to great advantage in the Battle of Šibenik (September 16. - 22., 1991).


17632. View of Kornati archipelago


17633. Grass on the plateau, island Sedlo in the distance


A trip along the coast north of Muna to Selo


17634. Tourist map of the island, designed by Lana Čala, about 2 m by 1 m, mounted in the port


17635. Cars parked in the port, with the passenger boat Plavi val in the background. Islanders mostly use unregistered cars without car plates, cars that only leave the island when they are beyond repair. The practice is against the law but unofficial ŽOS (Žirajska obavještajna služba / Žirje Intelligence Agency) is on alert against possible police raid. Policeman on a motorcycle usually calls several times during high season. He is disembarked in Mikavica bay (in Muna he would be noticed from afar) but before he would reach Selo or Muna to fine the offenders, ŽOS, using mobile phones, clears islander cars off roads.


17636. 10-arm starfish, Coscinasterias tenuispina, on a submerged stair in the port


17637. A grove of daisies


17638. The slopes above the coast are lined with stone fences which were used to protect the precious soil of the once abundant olive groves and vineyards from erosion.


17639. Sunset view of the capes west of Muna


17640. Old trails among the stone fences are now largely overgrown and difficult to negotiate through


17641. A bush with small red pellets


II - The island  

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