Primož Jakopin

Žirje 2013 Report

The island

May 29 and 30


Around Muna, May 29


17642. Breakfast - polenta with ground poppy seeds, bananas, cherries, strawberries, black grapes and cranberries


17643. View of the port and eastern side of the bay from the balcony of Vlado's house (see Where to stay)


17644. Cyclist map of Žirje, with marked bicycle trails


17645. Port backside, just in front of Žirje open museum


Koromašna bay


17646. View from the bottom of the bay


17647. Beached dinghy after engine problem


17771. Waiting on the shore for the car to come to pick up the dinghy and it's failed engine.


From Koromašna to Muna, 10 minutes on foot


17648. Poppies


17649. View of Muna from the main road to Selo; there is a shorter but steeper and slightly less paved road over the western side of the bay


17650. Blooms of Morning glory, Calystegia soldanella


Lunch in Muna


17652. Main course: baked potatos with ground poppy seeds, cooked chard, bean salad


17653. Dessert: compote of cherries and dried figs, wafers, vanilla croissant biscuits, chard water


From Muna to Mikavica in a dinghy


17654. Bow view, Kakan island in the distance


17655. Stern view


17657. 8-arm starfish, Coscinasterias tenuispina, in the Mikavica bay


17659. At the western side of the bay is a nice, flat pine tree grove


17660. View northwest from the bay


17661. Sky above Mikavica


17671. 6-arm starfish, again a Coscinasterias tenuispina


The port of Muna


17662. View of the best renovated house on the eastern shore, departing ferry Lošinjanka (female inhabitant of the island of Lošinj), manoeuvring, in the distance


17663. Lošinjanka already made a 180 degree turn and is about to leave the bay


17664. Picturesque and tell-tale (especially for those familiar with southern slavonic languages) graffiti on the façade of an old house, western shore


Around Selo / Village


17665. Cream-spot tiger moth, Epicallia villica


17673. Three white-specked scarab beetles, Cetonia aurata, feeding on a thistle bloom


Graveyard at the church of St. Mary near Selo


17666. Graves have a form of small houses, coffins are inserted from the front; a grave with white rose bush


17667. Traditional graves with white lilies


17668. White lilies, level view


17669. White lilies, view slightly from above




17670. Evening view of the Kornati archipelago from the ruin at the NW tip of the island


Muna, May 30


17675. Breakfast: buckwheat with bananas, cherries, strawberries, black grapes and cranberries


17676. Cars from 20 years ago at the side of the hill road to Selo look abandoned, but they are actually used and just parked there


Lok'a, Muddy Pond, below Selo


17677. View of the pond, main body of sweet water on the karst-covered island with no surface streams, in lush greenery


17678. Dark-blue moth with white speckles and yellow ribbon on the back, Amata kruegeri


17680. Lok'a and especially its banks is home to a wide variety of plants, wild vines are common.


17681. Island is known for very tasty green-yellow variety of plums


17682. View of Selo from Lok'a


17683. Stem and leaves of Dalmatian spurge, Euphorbia wulfenii


On the paved road from Lok'a to the top of the ridge on the west


17684. Selo from afar


17685. Selo, up close - St. Mary's church and graveyard at the right side


To Stupica vela and Stupica mala bays


17686. Springtime clouds over the road passing Stupica vela bay, view southeast


17687. Little beach at the roadside


17688. After ample rain large puddles remained on the road


17689. Uvala Draževica, view south to the mouth of Stupica vela bay


17690. Stupica mala bay with Kabal peninsula in the distance


Kabal peninsula


17706. Kabal is a very special hill, only 60 meters high but offers the best southern views, views, flooded with light, the best views on the island. In the picture - view west north west, to Stupica bays


17707. View of the Stupica mala bay from the hill top

17715, 17714, 17713. Unstitched circular view from the hilltop, northeast to southwest


17716. Hilltop, view from northwest


17717. Yellow blooming spurge, Euphorbia sp.


17722. Spurge oasis in the rock


17723. Maidenhair spleenwort, Asplenium trichomanes, in a rock crevice


17724. Spurge and morning glory in the gravel


17725. Precipituous rocks on the southern side of the hill, sea foam and the sea with a sailing boat


17727. Kabal from the southeast


Dinner in Muna


17728. Dinner: Celery and green peppers, brown and green pasta, green bean salad, water from cooked green beans, home-made salami and bread


17729. Sunset time, view from the northeast cape of the Muna bay


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