Primož Jakopin, photo diary

Rakov Škocjan
March 2, 2014, 7 pictures

Most pictures are aproximately 533 x 800 pixels in size. Numbers in front of the photo descriptions are the serial numbers of the original images. Photo and copyright (c) Primož Jakopin 2014.


Tkalca jama cave


20463. The wall above the northern entrance to Tkalca jama cave is beginning to open up.



20464. Drowned spruce on the western side of the riverbed between Veliki naravni most / Big natural bridge and northern cave entrance



20465. Small lake, now the upper entrance to the cave, is slightly larger, the water level a bit lower than a fortnight ago. The water cleared and the view of drowned tree trunks and branches is eerie and akin to drowned old army tunnels in Unška koliševka collapsed doline.



Zelške jame cave


20466. View of the exit from the cave, Rak river, now a big lake, from the window of the cave Okno / Window



20467. The cave trail to inner parts of Zelške jame cave was not passable, water was overflowing the little stone bridge above the Rak river, as it did on February 8, 3 weeks ago.



20468. The window to side niche above the trail, painted with light



20469. View of the Rak river, downstream, from the same viewpoint



  Mačkovica cave, Laze, Feb 24     Rakov Škocjan, Mar 7  

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