Primož Jakopin, photo diary

Mačkovica cave, Laze
February 24, 2014, 14 pictures

Most pictures are aproximately 533 x 800 pixels in size. Person on the pictures is Jožek Košir - Cox. Numbers in front of the photo descriptions are the serial numbers of the original images. Photo and copyright (c) Primož Jakopin 2014.


Mačkovica cave


20392_4_5_7_9. Panoramic view of the lake at the end of Vzhodni rov / Eastern tunnel. It was not possible to reach the bank at the end of the tunnel - the water was too deep to cross, to large to jump over from rock to rock.



20401. View from the east to the lake beneath the flowstone heap and of the crossing from Velika dvorana / Big hall to Vzhodni rov / Eastern tunnel.



20403. The spring which filled the lake from the north, from F rov / F tunnel. Another, main tributary of the lake was the spring on the west side, to the left of the dome in the picture. It was about 1 l / second, and is coming from the lake at the bottom of Velika dvorana (20405), from its sink, shown in the picture 20404.



20402. Close view of the lake and the flowstone heap from the east.



The action of the two main springs at the lakes in the pictures 20405 and 20402.



20405. The lake at the bottom of Velika dvorana / Big hall; painted with light, contre jour. It filled from the collapse on the right, the lake sink is at right, behind the concretion pillar center top right of the picture, close up follows in the next picture.



20404. The sink at the right (northeast) of the lake, about 1 l / second, close view



20408. Water level indicator in Mala dvorana / Little hall. Lens cap is at the rim of the lake. Water level fell about 5 cm since yesterday, February 23, though the water level of the lake on Planinsko polje has risen a few cm in the same time span.



20410. Rocks in the cave entrance - view out





20411. View of the Kobal home and southern crossroads in the village



20412. The garden door on the house Laze 1; water level on February 24 was the highest observed by the author and probably the highest since 1851. The water level started to decrease slowly on February 24.



20413_4_5_6. Panoramic view of the top of the road slope from the south to Lošč valley



20418. The top of the metal bar, built in the wall of the home at the extreme right of the previous picture, was 45 cm above the water level.



20419. Slavendol, view from the south



20420. Babni dol with Planinska gora mountain, from the north, from the road



  Planina, Planinska jama cave, Feb 23     Rakov Škocjan, Mar 2  

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