Primož Jakopin, photo diary

Gradišnica, Skednena jama, Velika jama Pod stenami, Planinsko polje, Najdena jama
May 29 and 31, 2014, 31 pictures

Pictures are aproximately 533 x 800 pixels in size. Numbers in front of the photo descriptions are the serial numbers of the original images. Full names of persons in the pictures: Wacek Michalski, Primož Jakopin - Klok, Zosia Skrudlik, Andrzej Skrudlik, Karina Nowicka-Kudłacz, Paweł Kudłacz, Mariusz Majka, Magdalena Pacyna, Klaudiusz Stępień, Krzysiek Handzlik, Michał Ganszer, Marcin Szendoł, Grzegorz Majka, Zbyszek Grzybek and Jakub Pysz. Photo and copyright (c) Primož Jakopin 2014.


Gradišnica cave, May 29


21264. Michał at the western rim of the entrance abyss



21265. View of the eastern wall of the entrance abyss from the western rim



Skednena jama, May 31


21273. Paweł in the Kapelica / Chapel room, looking up



21274. Paweł



21275. Magdalena



21276. Karina



21277. Michał in the middle of the Kapelica concretion wall



21278. Zosia on top of the side tunnel continuation, with camera flash



21279. Michał on the same ledge, available light



21280. Michał on the bottom of the side tunnel continuation, view from above



21281. Wacek, Klok, Zosia, Andrzej, Karina, Paweł, Mariusz, Magdalena, Klaudiusz, Krzysiek, Michał, Marcin and Grzegorz in the northern entrance - view from the inside



21282. Krzysiek in front of the southern entrance, sitting atop a spruce stump, spruce was pulled to the ground by the weight of the ice during the sleet period in February.



21283. On the new trail from Skednena jama to Pod stenami sinkholes - the old trail is not passable because of tree trunks, fallen during of February sleet.



Velika jama Pod stenami


21285. Mariusz, Magdalena, Klaudiusz, Krzysiek, Paweł, Marcin, Michał, Grzegorz, Wacek, Andrzej, Zosia and Karina



Planinsko polje


21286. The meadow and the eastern sky above Babni dol



21287. Krzysiek was a great attraction to Ivek's cows in the Unica riverbed near Zeleno verje / Benetke lake



21288. Zeleno verje / Benetke lake



21289. On return towards Najdena jama, on Trajberca trail, in the Unica riverbed



21290. Karina in the ferns near the end of Vajzova cesta road



Najdena jama


21291. Jakub below the Baldahin, serious



21292. Jakub, smiling



21293. Krzysiek in the cave entrance, on return



21294. Jakub



21295. Zbyszek



21296. Karina



21297. Paweł



21298. Marcin



21299. Zosia



21300. Michał



21301. Klaudiusz



21302. Wacek



  Rakov Škocjan, Mar 28     Beli piton / White Python ship launch, Bracera, June 8  

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