Primož Jakopin, photo diary

Bracera old boatyard, Seča, Slovenia
June 8, 2014, 34 pictures

Most pictures are aproximately 533 x 800 pixels in size. Numbers in front of the photo descriptions are the serial numbers of the original images. Photo and copyright (c) Primož Jakopin 2014. Full names of participating persons: Boris Cepuder, Igor Franca, Dejan Paliska, Marjan Jakovčič and Gorazd Šinik.


Beli piton / White Python boat launch


21376. The boat on the rails, Igor and Boris at the bow



21377. The boat on the cradle, view from the pier, across the water



21378. Igor is positioning the pole for pushing the boat cradle.



21379. The first try - Dejan and Igor pushing



21380. The boat did not even blink - the rails below the cradle were not lubricated enough. Now Boris is setting a truck jack to push the cradle aside by a log width, on the lubricated part of the rail.



21371. Bracera is a picturesque place and often serves as a backdrop for some fashion photo shooting - as Boris would jokingly comment the above image: A distracting scene which drags away from work.



21381. Boris rotating the jack's rod



21382. Igor lubricating the log with tallow



21383. A bucket of tallow (loj in Slovenian) - in Bracera it has proved that it is the most suitable lubricating medium for the rail logs, better than any grease.



21384. Beli piton mast rope tensioners at the port side



21385. A brief intermezzo - Dejan on the phone



21386. Gorazd on the pier - he will pull the rope from Beli piton during the launch to assure boat's proper floating direction.



21387. Cradle is now on the previously lubricated part of the rail logs - view from the sea.



21388. The team - a photographer with Igor's camera, Boris, Igor and Dejan



21389. In the last moment it turned out, to a great anger (and much cursing) of Boris, that the last boat at the pier is not properly fastened, not close enough to the pier and so the launched Beli Piton could collide with it. In the picture Igor is fetching the boatside with a boat hook.



21392. Boat's ID



21390. Gorazd is pulling the proper rope.



21391. Igor and Gorazd pulling the rope.



21393. Boris and Igor are preparing for the final push.



21394. Beli piton is just aboat to start moving.



Boat launch in moving images



21395. The boat is afloat.



21396. Igor and Boris in the water, at the bow



21397. Igor is pushing the boat in deeper water



21398. Beli piton is now well afloat



21399. Boris pushing the cradle away from the boat



21400. Gorazd is pulling White piton closer to the pier.



21401. Gorazd and Dejan handling the ropes of Beli piton



21402. Almost done ...



21403. Igor on the way ashore; the boat is now fastened to the pier.



21404. Marjan, starting the electrical motor which will haul the cradle out of the water.



21405. Dejan and Boris overseeing the travel of the cradle ashore



21406. Boris is lubricating the rail logs with tallow, in places where it had worn out or was not applied before.



21407. The cradle on its way ashore, to be readied for Igor's boat, next in turn for a haul out of the water.



21359. Sunset with a motoring sailboat, Cape Seča



  Gradišnica, Skednena jama, Velika jama Pod stenami, Planinsko polje, Najdena jama, May 29 - 31     Access path to Trubarjev dah / Trubar's breath cave, Pokljuka, July 11  

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