Primož Jakopin, photo diary

Vranja and Skednena jama Caves, near Laze
January 3, 2015, 14 pictures

Pictures are 533 by 800 pixels in size, numbers in front of the photo descriptions are serial numbers of the original images. Made with help of Armin Krivec, who is also depicted in the pictures.
Photo and copyright (c) Primož Jakopin 2015.


Vranja jama Cave


23861. Side view of the entrance hall with the main chimney above the collapse


23862. Inside view of the chimney, available light


23863. Inside view of the chimney, available light and an additional LED flashlight, about 1.5 m to the east of the camera standpoint. Is something behind the crack in the center? Probably not, or ...


23864. View of the entrance hall from the collapse


23865. Ice concretions from the lower center of the previous picture


23866. View of the collapse and of the entrance from the bottom of the hall


23867. Entrance from the bottom of the hall - up close


23868. Because of the low temperatures in the preceding week the muddy floor of the Syphon tunnel was frozen and easily passable to about half the way; view inside.


23869. View out from the Syphon tunnel


Skednena jama Cave


23870. Ice concretions in the main tunnel, lightly painted with a LED flashlight from the left


23872. The same scene, illuminated by a flash from the left


23876. Ice stalactites at the western side of the northern entrance


23873. Ice stalactites in the northern entrance hall, from the water, dripping down along the fissure, lightly front illuminated (on camera flash) and back illuminated from behind with an additional flash


23875. The same scene with additional illumination from the left


  Rakov Škocjan, December 6, 2014     Tkalca jama and Zelške jame Caves, January 9, 2015  

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