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Tkalca jama and Zelške jame caves
January 9, 2015, 6 pictures

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Tkalca jama Cave


23929. At the lower end of the staris in the Eastern entrance there remains a large pile of debris, branches and tree trunks, left by the big sleet in February 2014. But the trail is well passable, after the stairs you turn left, along the wall for a few meters when the traverse across the smaller branches (right) begins. It leads to the old serpentine trail, down to the river.




23928. View from the Rak river back to the slope and the Eastern entrance




23927. View downstream in the riverbed and on into the cave interior; water level was moderate.






23930. Hotel Rakov Škocjan was in darkness, it is off season now.




End of Zelške jame Cave


23931. View downstream - over the small rocks in the river it was possible to get on foot far enough, close to the jump into the Entrance hall.




23932. Solitary rock on the southern bank




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