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Caving Farewell of Tomaž Planina, Žale Cemetery in Ljubljana
January 12, 2015, 5 pictures

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They took part in the farewell:

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23968. The Benedičič tomb, where Tomaž was put to rest on Thursday, January 8. It was a family burial.




23967. The cold preserved the flowers almost entirely.




23962. Around 30 cavers gathered, friends of Tomaž, mainly from his grotto, the Ljubljana Caving Society (DZRJL).




23963. Not far away, to the southeast of the small church at the entrance to Žale cemetery, the grave of Viljem Putik, the great ancestor of modern caving in Slovenia, is also situated.




23969. After the farewell the western sky took the favorite colors of the great master of Vitebsk.




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