Primož Jakopin, photo diary

Tenerife Caves and Hidden Tenerife
February 2015, 139 pictures

          Tenerife is an interesting island for the lone traveler, in the summer and also in the winter. It can be crowded in places but still offers many candid opportunities to enjoy its nature as it used to be, from the coast to Alta Montaña. Especially for cave-going people Tenerife is a pleasant diversion from the stalagmites, stalactites and other carstic phenomena we are used to. All caves are a bit wild but volcanic caves, lava tubes, abundant on this island, are probably even more devilish. They have a charm of their own, there are traces of inner-earthly fire everywhere, of the slowly flowing molten rock. Three top caves in the Canary islands, Cueva del Viento on Tenerife, Cueva de los Verdes on Lanzarote and Cueva de Don Justo on Hierro cannot be explored on your own. The first two are open for guided tours while the last of the three, the hottest, where the proximity of a dormant volcano is really felt, can only be enjoyed by scientists and by an occasional school group, either native or from the Peninsula. It is also true that Lanzarote caves are more spacious, even with sea lakes but it is Tenerife where it all started, there are 200 caves to choose, from the coast to the high mountains, they are more diverse, often in very spectacular environment and ... chances are good that you will find one just for you.
          The following pages bring some impressions from a visit in February 2015, with caves and some other places of interest in their vicinity.
          Photo and copyright (c) Primož Jakopin 2015.


  1.   To Pico Viejo, from Roques de Garcia
  2.   Caves on the Plateau below Montaña de los Guirres
  3.   Samara Caves
  4.   Roques de Garcia Caves
  5.   San Marcos Cave
  6.   From Tamaimo down the Barranco Seco to the Sea

  Caving Farewell of Tomaž Planina, January 12, 2015     Entrance of the Osapska jama / Osp Cave, February 28, 2015  

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