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Cuevas de Samara en Tenerife /
Samara Caves on Tenerife
February 5, 2015, 23 pictures

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Cuevas de Samara / Samara Caves

Of all the caves in Tenerife, Cuevas de Samara are the very best caving playground, at an altitude of about 1.720 meters. There are around 10 small caves, none is gated and the longest three are about 50 meters in length. Here you can easily spend an hour or two having fun in discovering the caves, exploring the larger of them and, and for the not too cowardly, to crawl through several crossover caves (skozenjc in Slovenian), small caves with two entrances, one for going in and the other for going out. With a little care even the knees and elbows and especially the heads will get through unharmed.


24673. Access to caves is very poorly described on the Internet. GPS coordinates are fine, but a simple description of how to get there is probably better. Samara caves are situated to the east of the road TF 38, the standard access route to Las Cañadas caldera and Pico del Teide. Just stop at the 10th kilometer plate, eastern side is better than the western, the road edge is a bit steep but can be descended slowly.




24718. As is seen here the caves are about 120 steps east of the eastern kilometer plate.




Cueva Pricipal / Main Cave


24716. View of the main cave entrance from the southwest, with Pico del Teide in the background




24715. Closer view of the entrance, tourists have gathered around their guide who is providing the explanation.




24711. The entrance of an empty cave, inside out




24713. A group of (German) tourists is slowly moving in, taking care not to bump their heads against two rocks in the ceiling, which are easily spotted after the eyes get accustomed to the twilight. For some it could not be soon enough.




24714. The other entrance, view out




24710. The second entrance, view in




Otras Cuevas / Other Caves


24299. In the proximity of the Main cave another comparably long cave is to be found, but with a vertical entrance, a small shaft. Though people have put together a pile of rocks in the tunnel, below the shaft, there is still a jump of about two meters to overcome. A 15 meter rope comes in handy as there is nothing in the entrance to attach the rope to, the nearest suitable rock is 5 meters away. In the picture - view of the entrance from the tunnel, from the south.




24300. View of the entrance shaft from the southwestern part of the tunnel




24329. On the other side of the road, a few meters below it, is a tube that is just a bathtub size at first sight, but continues in a crossover cave.




24675. On the northern side the cave area of Pahoehoe-type lava ends with a wall of younger 'A'a-type lava, the southernmost edge of a tongue which was moving down from the slope of Pico Viejo. Here is a lava "gate arch" with a nice sand for a rest, Pico in the distance.




24707. A view of the contact between the two lava types




24704. In the vicinity of the 'A'a-type wall and the arch the northernmost cave is to be found. It is an open shaft, but can be climbed down.




24705. Close view of the shaft's bottom




24694. Outside view of the entrance of one of the crossover caves, protruding in the east-west direction, nearly perpendicular to the tunnels of the main caves and to the original lava flow.




24699. View of the same entrance, inside out




24697. View through the crossover tube, to the western entrance, available light - the hand is for the scale




24698. The same view, aided with on-camera flash




24700. View of the entire cave surface - the small entrance is lower right, the bigger uooer right in the picture.




24701. One more cave - the entrance really looks like an exhaust.




24706. Another shaft - too deep to climb




24708. And again a shaft - the entrance to the last of the three longer caves




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