Primož Jakopin, photo diary

Caves on the Plateau below the Montaña de los Guirres in Tenerife
February 8, 2015, 22 pictures

Pictures are 533 by 800 pixels in size, numbers in front of the photo descriptions are serial numbers of the original images. Some of the pictures were taken on February 5 and 12. Names of caves, Spanish, English and Slovenian, as well as their parts, are the author's.
Photo and copyright (c) Primož Jakopin 2015.


Cueva de los dos Ojos / Twin Eyes Cave / Dvooka jama ob cesti


24412. The cave, and the surrounding caves described further on, all at an altitute of about 1.280 meters above sea level, are easily located. They are in the vicinity of the road TF 38 which is the normal access route to Las Cañadas caldera and Pico del Teide from the south and west. 300 meters south, or downhill, from the 18th kilometer plate shown in the picture, in the place where the road disappears center right, a small side forest road branches off the TF 38, to the right, or northwest, marked as the BC3 hiking trail. There is enough room to leave the car and the first cave, named Twin Eyes Cave by the author, is just slightly uphill from the junction, on the other side of TF 38.




24406. Western entrance was probably opened during the road construction - view from the other side of the road.




24739. Closer view of the western entrance from outside




24740. Western entrance from inside out




24742. Northern entrance from outside




24741. Northern entrance from inside out




24743. Both entrances as seen from the collapse of the main tunnel




24744. View of the northern entrance and the continuation of the cave down the collapse




24745. Closer view of the continuation of the cave




24746. View of the collapse and both entrances from interior of the cave




24751. View of the entrance hall collapse from the interior hall of the cave




24747. The continuation of the cave is on top of the collapse on the other side of the interior hall, view in.




24750. The squeeze on top of the collapse is very wide, quite short and not so low as it looks on this picture, but still requires crawling, on a rather spiky ground.




24749. The squeeze is a person's length wide




24410. After the squeeze there is a small chamber with two continuations, bigger left and smaller right. The author followed the left one, depicted here.




24411. View back from the small hall which follows. The author did not use knee pads but three foam garden kneeling pads, two smaller and one larger. They served quite well, also for sitting and for elbow support.




24409. View back across the small hall




24407. View inside the continuation, lower right from the hall. A tunnel which has to be crawled through can be illuminated some 20 meters far. Will have to wait for some other occasion.




Gran Horno / Wide Furnace / Široka peč


24414. Some 300 meters along the forest road (BC3) it makes a wide arc left, around a large doline among the lava elevations. On the right this wide hole in the road flank can be seen, spodmol is a good Slovenian word for it; view from the road.




24413. View from inside out - the roof is so thin that in many places the light seeps in through the cracks. In a climate with winter frosts it would not last long.




Cueva Oculta / Hidden Cave / Skrita jama


24416. On the other side of the doline there is a slope which leads to a large, most picturesque amphiteatre of big, criss-cross rampled lava rocks and pinnacles. On the other side of the passage which leads into the amphitheatre there is an opening between the rocks, a cave entrance.




24415. The cave is good 20 meters long, and must have been known to ancient inhabitants of Tenerife as there are traces of burnt firewood in it; view out from the lower part of the cave.




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