Primož Jakopin, photo diary

Entrance of the Jama Grad / Grad Cave at Osp, Slovenia
February 28, 2015, 9 pictures

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Grad Cave


24898. Entrance from the outside


24877, 878, 879, 880. Panoramic view of the entrance from the inside


24895. Mud heap with carvings, left by the water at different flood levels; lower right in the picture


24882. The interior of the cave, it developed along a stream which is normally very small but grows to a torrent after heavy rains, is to be found behind this locked stainless gate.


24886. View of the cave interior through the gate


24890. Below the wall above the entrance there are quite a few large boulders


24885. View of the boulders and the entrance ceiling from the cave gate


24891. The ceiling of the entrance is also a very popular outdoor climbing location named Pajkova streha / Spider's Roof, with quite a few routes. They are dotted with climbing straps and carabiners (picture).


Mišja peč Climbing Wall


24899. A climber in the Mišja peč climbing wall. It is situated about 300 meters to the southeast of the main Osp wall.


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