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Annual General Meeting of DZRJL / Ljubljana Grotto
Airraid shelter on Luize Pesjakove street
March 5, 2015, 21 pictures

Images are approximately 533 x 800 in size, numbers in front of picture descriptions are serial numbers of the original photo files. Full names of persons pictured: Janez Juvan - Manč, Gregor Pintar, Diana Grublješić - Didi, Jure Košutnik - Ðuro, Matej Blatnik, Teo Delić, Primož Presetnik - Pipistrel, Uroš Kunaver, Tomaž Miklavčič - Boni, France Šušteršič, Andrej Drevenšek - Vrtnar, Jaka Flis, Matic di Batista - Diba, Aleksandra Kranjc - Jerca, Janez Kanoni - Žan, Matej Dular, Matjaž Pogačnik - Pigi, Tomi Lajovic - Tomac, Špela Borko, Nataša Sivec, Armin Krivec, Marko Horvat, Tomaž Šuštar - Ikarus, Tomaž Kranjc - Garmin ...

All pictures photo and copyright (c) Primož Jakopin 2015, except pictures 24940 - 24943 where photo and copyright (c) Matej Blatnik 2015.



24940. Members of the grotto slowly gathered, it was already well past 19, the announced hour of the event.



24941. When Ðuro, president-elect in 2014, arrived, it was clear that the start is near.



24942. A few more comments ...



24943. ... and here we go.



24944. The event was presided by Manč, Gregor and Didi. The microphone on the table testified all spoken will be recorded.



24945. Ðuro summarized the shiny path of the grotto in the past 12 months.



24946. Jerca reported that the finances are strong and going.



24947. Matej contributed the secretary's statement.



24948. Pipistrel outlined the grotto's activity as measured by the entries, logged in the grotto's cadastre. Špela topped the book with participation at over 70 excursions, twice the nearest follower, Diba signed the most of the cave reports. On the wall behind the speaker is the president's portrait, as yet unframed.



24949. Uroš, in charge of grotto's education, was optimistic; here he is accompanied by Andrej and Flis.



24950. Teo's verdict about the progress of cave protection (and pollution) left a lot to be desired, as is attested on the picture.



24951. France, under Žan's watchful eye, made a few modest but determined comments.



24952. The presidency tried to stay relaxed - and succeeded in the ratio 2 : 1 (maybe the beer was not as good as one would like). Manč obviously had the best shoes.



24953. During the discussion the question of totally neglected grotto's web site (the last entry, in the middle of the first screen, was made 27.02.2013) popped up. After a remark that it is really sad if the grotto has to live off its Facebook page, Boni (in the picture) proposed that the time to kick in Twitter has finally arrived. So the grotto would be on a par with leading Slovenian political figures. Pipistrel cooled the spirits down and added that a hefty sum (in the region of 5,000 euros) has been allocated to rectify the problem professionally in 2015.



24954. Matej D. and two late-comers, Piggy and Tomac.



24955. New grotto's leadership, including Ðuro as the next president, was elected by a vast majority of votes.



24956. As the event dragged on the prolonged tension and heated debates without a prospect of quick resolution took their toll; Špela and Nataša.



24957. Finally things started to unfold, to the delight of Diba, Armin and Tomac.



24958. What was on Marko's mind while he cuddled Lina, Ikarus dog? Hopefully not: What if I open a Vietnamese restaurant? No competition and the raw material is readily available all around the place.



24959. After the event the usual Thursday meeting routine followed: in the grotto's depot Špela and Diba were counting the number of pitons, carabiners and the like required for the next weekend's excursion in, where else, Trubarjev dah mountain shaft. Will it pass the 600-meter depth mark this time? Who could say, it is close already.



24960. Joining forces for the celebration of the imminent International Women's Day: Flis, Garmin and Diba.



  Entrance of the Jama Grad / Grad Cave at Osp, February 28, 2015     2015 DZRJL Caving School Excursion, March 14  

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