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Access to Križna jama Cave from the West
May 30, 2015, Part A, 22 pictures

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To Žerovnica


25817. Standard access to Križna jama is via Bloška polica, from the north. But there is also a more romantic, and even shorter, western access. From the highway Ljubljana - Postojna (E 61) use exit Unec and continue in the direction of Cerknica. Drive through Cerknica where, at the end of the place, stocks can be replenished at two stores - a Hofer and a large Mercator supermarket. Continue in the direction of Grahovo, drive through Grahovo and at the end of the slight downhill, also the end of the village this scene pops up - the junction of the road to Žerovnica, center right.



25819. Junction close up - turn right, to Žerovnica.



25818. Junction signpost



25820. View of the village Žerovnica off the road from Grahovo - Mt. Snežnik (1.796 m), the highest mountain south of Julian Alps, is on the horizon, to the right.



25821. The village starts with a bridge where water can be obtained - the spring is nearby.



25838. Access to the water to the left of the bridge



25822. Old water mill upstream of the bridge



From Žerovnica to the Cave


25836. Drive over the bridge, through the village, slightly uphill until this junction, where you turn left.



25837. Križna jama is signposted on the left.



25833. After half a kilometer or so you arrive to this crossroads - turn left again.



25834. Signpost at the crossroads



25835. Križna jama is also signposted here.



25832. The next junction is at Podšteberk where you turn left again. Here the paved road ends.



25830. After 2 km from Žerovnica you arrive, slightly uphill, to this junction. Turn right, as ...



25831. ... signposted here.



25829. The road continues slightly uphill until this junction. It is without a signpost, you turn left.



25828. 400 m from the junction the road starts to descend, center left in this picture. The road to the right ends after 100 m, with a large clearing in the forest, used for loading of timber. At the end of the clearing, on the left side, is also a foot trail that leads down to Križna jama cave, 200 m away.



25827. Signpost at the junction



Final Junction

25823. The last crossroads before Križna jama (view from the north). You have come from Žerovnica, at the right of this picture - turn right to take the road in the left side of this picture. Križna jama is 300 m away.



25825. Turn to Križna jama, closer view



25824. Žerovnica is on the way back.



25826. Žerovnica signpost



  Rakov Škocjan, May 12     Najdena jama Cave Veteran's Day, May 30, B  

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