Primož Jakopin, photo diary

Najdena jama / NewFound Cave Veteran's Day
May 30, 2015, Part B, 35 pictures

Images are approximately 533 x 800 in size, numbers in front of picture descriptions are serial numbers of the original photo files. Full names of persons, participating at the pictures or mentioned in the descriptions: Jaka Flis - Flis, Andrej Drevenšek - Vrtnar, Metod Di Batista, Diba - Matic di Batista, Marjan Juvan - Manč, Janez Kanoni - Žan, Marko Horvat, Simon Primožič, Peter Benedičič, Armin Krivec, Janez Modrijan - Modrc, Blaž Fleišman, Janez Vengar - član Giovanni, Miha Vengar, Marjan Baričič and Primož Jakopin - Klok.

All pictures photo and copyright (c) Primož Jakopin 2015.


In the Forest, Not Far from the Cave Entrance


25839. Friday evening the climbing party, led by Diba, explored a tunnel continuation above the Peče stari, peče gallery. They spent the rest of the night at the campfire; Flis in his sleeping bag.



25840. Common columbine, Aquilegia vulgaris, orlica in Slovenian, front illuminated



25841. Common columbine, against the light



25842. Andrej



Entrance Hall


25846. Najdena jama Cave now has an information board, at the left side of the Entrance hall. To get the full resolution version of the picture, click here. The board includes a large map (as of 2013) and an accompanying text in two languages, Slovenian and English. As there is always room for improvement and as the board will have to be changed at the latest when important new discoveries are made, the author of these lines took the liberty to propose the following English text improvement. It should now sound more encyclopedic, and two important omissions have been added: the translation of the cave name and credits of the second entrance discovery in 2004. Despite the additions the new version is 14 % shorter.

Najdena jama Cave (Cave Cadastre Nr. 259)

Najdena jama (Newfound Cave) is part of a larger cave system which includes well known Vranja and Skednena jama caves. Viljem Putik who conducted the first large scale survey of the Ljubljanica river basin explored cave entrance part in 1886.

Ljubljana Cave Exploration Society (DZRJL) continued the work in the cave in 1937. Till WW II a narrow passage with strong air current at the southernmost point of the cave was widened to a considerable extent.

In 1962 DZRJL resumed digging again and in 1963 the path to the inner parts of the cave was open. The discoveries of Conglomerate Hall, Piparski Tunnel and Sulc (pron. Sultz) Tunnel followed till 1969 and the cave length approached 5 km.

Exploration continued in 1998, the dome in Wrocław Hall was climbed again and a series of discoveries followed, up to Zmajeva črevca / Dragon Guts Tunnel below the Skednena jama cave.

In 2004 cavers of two other Slovenian grottos, JK Borovnica and JK Železničar, connected the Brezno v Tratnikovem koniku (Jama Krastača) cave to the northern part of Najdena jama Cave, in Šumeča dvorana Hall. The depth of Najdena jama increased to 134 m and the length to 5750 m.

Najdena jama is a complicated and demanding cave. The explorers attempted to bypass the entrance shaft and the via ferrata now in use is named after the late Primož Krivic, the first to climb it on March 14, 1965.

You are entering the cave at your own risk, good knowledge of single rope technique is highly recommeneded. For safety reasons please sign in all the visitors into the entry book with the time of entry and return. In case of emergency dial (+386) 112!

Ljubljana Cave Exploration Society

25847. Cave information board and Marko



From Ičotov rov / Ičo Tunnel to Stopnišče / Staircase


25848. Žan is drinking off the stalactite water trickle.



25852. Žan, caught off guard after an erection problem treatment overdose.



25853. View of the side room, inside illuminated from two sides



25854. Side room, Klok



At the Hansov kapnik / Hans Stalactite - Stalagmite Pair


25855. A portrait of Simon, available ligth, too dark. Simon's cave photography leaves little to be desired - his remarkably crisp, perfectly balanced chiaro-scuro full frame depictions of cave ambient beauty bring to mind Bertel Thorvaldsen's marbles.



25856. A better version of the portrait, yet still slightly on the dark side



25858. Žan and Modrc wrestling at the concretion



25859. Hansov kapnik and the Velika Štirna / Great Well Lake shaft ...



25860. ... here with Armin



25861. Hansov kapnik, Modrc



25862. Modrc and his trauma. Adhesive bandage strips help keep his facial muscles in shape, after a grave nerve inflammation half a year ago.



25863. At the concretion: Modrc, Metod, Blaž, Armin, Žan and Manč



25864. Modrc, Metod, Blaž, Armin, Žan and Manč once again, more relaxed



At the Lake in Front of Putikova dvorana / Putick Hall


25865. Član Giovanni and his son Miha amidst the Velika štirna slope



25866. Carbide helmet lamp and its reflection in the water



25867. Andrej at the rope traverse across the lake, just before the rock horn, one of the rope anchors, went loose ...



25868. ... and a little later, when Andrej, who fell into the cold water, over his waist deep, moved closer to shore.



25869. But Andrej remained high spirited, What the heck!



25870. Simon, too light, helmet shadow too strong



25871. The shadow is better, the picture is still too light



25872. Too dark



25873. Just about right, considering that only one light source could be used, bounced off the dark mud and rocks.



25874. Simon is already in the boat, ready to be transported across the lake, Marjan is handling the boat rope. Paddling would take too much time, pulling the boat to the other side is faster.



25876. The empty boat is back, ready for the next traveller.



25878. Still life at the lake: Andrej, Armin and Marjan



25879. Marjan and Andrej, who is spilling the water out of his boots (see the lower boot).



In the Dvorana štirih / Hall of Four


25880. Metod on the bank of the lake, part of the Velika Štirna / Great Well Lake



Below the Baldachine


25881. Metod is cleaning his boots in the metal trough.



In the Forest, Not Far from the Cave Entrance


25883. The Marušič family: Ilija, Bina, Žodor and Lanko



  Access to Križna jama Cave from the West, May 30, A     Opening of the Urbana joga / Urban Yoga Photo Exhibition, June 1  

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