Primož Jakopin, photo diary

How Friends from Bielsko Biała Visited Slovenia
June 4 - 5, 60 pictures

Most images are approximately 533 x 800 in size, numbers in front of picture descriptions are serial numbers of the original photo files. Full names of participants and other persons in the pictures: Tomasz Manda - Tomek, Marcin Szendoł, Aniela Markiewicz, Krzysiek Handzlik and Joanna Markiewicz - Asia, Krzysztof (Krzysiek R.) and Agnieszka (Aga) Rosner, Gašper Modic, Miro Kunstek.
Photos taken by and copyright (c) Primož Jakopin 2015.


Mt. Križna gora Above Cerkniško jezero Lake, June 4


25922. Aga and Aniela are watching the sunset.



25919. View to the west, to Cerkniško jezero lake, close to sunset



25920. View of Mt. Snežnik (1.796 m) above the Loška dolina valley



25921. Marcin is steering the quadcopter camera; it is his third and the experience gained from the first two (they did not survive) contributed to his masterful, Fingerspitzengefühl handling of the device.



25923. Quadcopter up-close



25924. Aniela, most stylish in her harem pants



25926. Marcin is preparing a hot and spicy vegetable stew at the campfire, with Aniela at the side.



25927. At the campfire: Marcin, Krzysiek, Aniela, Asia, Krzysiek R. and Tomek



Cerkniško jezero, close to Žerovniščica river, June 5


25928. Le Dejeuner sur l'herbe: Tomek, Asia, Aniela and Marcin enjoying the quiet, idyllic setting after a hasty retreat caused by the onslaught of forest machinery at 6.30.



25929. Author's (and part of Marcin's) breakfast: oatmeal with cherries, apricots, bananas and soaked dry cranberries



25930. At the bank of Žerovniščica



Križna jama, to Kalvarija Stream Confluence and Back


25931. In the middle of the Second Lake: Gašper, Krzystof R., Aniela, Marcin and Tomek



25932. Bending heads down at the low passage towards the Third Lake



25933. Further upstream, disembarking from the boat at the barrier between the lower lake ...



25934. ... and embarking into the boat again, at the next, slightly higher lake. To the end of Pisani rov / Gay Coloured Tunnel there are 22 lakes, to Kalvarija there are 11.



25935. Daughters of Darkness: Aga, Asia and Aniela



25936. The three A-girls in action



25938. Gašper is holding the boat still so that Marcin could take a photo of the flowstone drapery.



25939. Gašper's boat in Beneški pristan / Port of Venice



25941. At the cave survey point 22. The cave was surveyed several times, very accurate measurements were made at the beginning of the author's caving career, in the sixties of the past century by the members of his caving home team, DZRJL (Ljubljana Cave Exploration Society).



25942. And what should here be interesting?



25943. The first boat led by Gašper has already had its turn in taking pictures of Piratska ladja / Pirate Ship flowstone island, with the second boat, led by Miro, as picture object. Now Gašper is turning the boat to steer it back to Piratska ladja so that the second boat can also have a share of the photo session.



25944. The Piratska ladja / Pirate ship



25946. Goba / Mushroom is a flowstone heap virtually hanging in the air above the water. If you swing a boat a bit left and right to make waves eerie sounds start echoing from below the heap.



25950. A lonely boat in an empty tunnel



25951. Negotiating the way over the shallow water among the rocks



25952. Reflection of headlights in the water



25953. The same scene, properly illuminated - the flash was turned on in the meantime.



25954. Flowstone forest growing out of the water.



25955. At the exit of Suhi rov / Dry Tunnel the group from the first boat is observing the violet-to-blue coloured underwater cave worm, Pelodrilus bureschi, jamski črv in Slovenian.



25956. Gašper is pulling the boat over the rocky shoal.



25957. In the jaws of a rock monster



25959. Disembarcation in a tight spot among the rocks



25960. A narrow river bypass in the stone wall



25961. The first boat arrived to Kalvarija, a place where the stream from Pisani rov / Gay Coloured Tunnel (center right) flows into the stream, coming from Blata cave sleeve. Kalvarija is the most remarkable cave hall after the rarely visited Kristalna gora / Crystal Mountain at the end of Pisani rov.



25962. Gašper is turning the boat before landing



25965. The party is already ashore, on its way to the beginning of Pisani rov / Gay Coloured Tunnel.



25966. Miro, the iconic flowstone pillar and the two empty boats half ashore



25968. Krzysiek made some last minute photos before ...



25969. ... boarding the boats again.



25970. Miro was the last to embark.



25971. The two boats, the second one with one passenger missing, are departing from Kalvarija.



25972. So happy together ...



25973. Piratska ladja / Pirate ship in a wider setting



25975. A short walk from one lake to another ...



25976. .. and the boat ...



25977. ... will soon be ...



25978. ... back in the water.



25979. Disembarking in Beneški pristan / Port of Venice ...



25980. ... and off we go again. The water is just below normal, as attested by the narrow light brown strip above the water line, and to the luck of the visitors it is very clear.



25982. Gašper with his 28 kg inflatable boat he carried across all the lake barriers.



25983. Crossing the barrier between the Fourth and the Third Lake



25984. On the traverse above the Third Lake



25985. Miro is steering the larger part of the party back across the Second Lake.



25986. At the syphon in the Second Lake: Miro, Aniela, Asia and Tomek



25987. Gašper is navigating the big boat with a paddle from the other side of the First Lake.





25989. Fine cuisine on the coast: the main course plate at Al' Mulino Norbedo: kovač, shrimp, calamari, baked polenta, lemon



25990. At the beach of Debeli rtič cape: Asia, Aga, Aniela, Krzysiek R., Tomek, Marcin and Krzysiek. The sea temperature was neither warm nor cold, 24 deg. C, the air was better at 30 deg. C.



25991. The stroll back through the vineyards



Kamnik pod Krimom


25992. A group photo before departure to Pokljuka mountains: Tomek, Marcin, Aniela, Krzysiek, Asia, Aga and Krzysiek R.



  Opening of the Urban Yoga Photo Exhibition, June 1     Trail to the Govic Cave in Bohinj, June 30  

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