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Trail to the Govic Cave in Bohinj / Birthday Lunch
June 30, 30 pictures

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At Home


26350. It all started with a hearty breakfast: millet porridge with melon, red grapes, bananas, peaches, apricots, redcurrants, cherries, a darkred gage and soaked dry cranberries



Around Savica River Estuary


26351. View of the northern side of the river bed and its bank from the bridge with all the shades of turquoise



26352. View east, down the lake, from the estuary



26354. Marsh grass on northern side of the estuary, contre jour



26356. View of the lake, estuary beach is at the right side.



26357. View across the lake towards Ukanška Suha with Bohinjski Migovec (1.896 m) upper left



Govic Torrent Estuary


26360. Birthday lunch, view from afar



26358. Birthday lunch, close view: apple burek, cheese burek, bread, cheese, cucumbers, red and yellow carrots, peach, cherries, yogurt cake with raisins, of spelt and hemp flour, redcurrants and darkred gage, mousse au chocolat, compote of peaches and dry plums



26361. Nine-spotted moth, Amata phegea (ivanjska ptičica in Slovenian) on the rock



26362. Three French speaking guys in a canoe - the last sentence exchanged (sea-land direction) was Salaud ou salut?



26363. Consequences of a slightly too abundant lunch



26364. The cloud, the sky and willow leaves as seen from a horizontal position on the beach



26365. Mountains, the sky with clouds and reflections in the lake, view east-southeast



To Govic Cave


26406. Over the millennia the torrent which flows after heavy rains from the famous partly submerged cave, the waterfall out of the entrance is visible from afar and reminds one of waterfalls on paintings of ideal Italianate landscapes, and its deposits have accumulated a large peninsula on the northern shore of the lake. The trail around the lake follows the coastline, only here it makes a substantial detour, slightly uphill, to cut the peninsula short. In the picture - view of the place, where the trail crosses the torrent bed, from the west. The trail to Govic starts in the forest, just before the torrent bed in the picture. The cave itself is now 442 m long and 208 m deep, it reaches well below the lake bottom.



26405. View downstream from the round-the-lake trail



26404. View upstream



Kevderc pod Govicem / Cellar Below Govic Cave


26403. The ascent takes about 15 minutes and quite early this opening among the rocks is seen on the left.



26367. To a pleasant surprise the hollow space is big enough for a person to crawl in, and also some 5 m long. In the picture - view out, available light.



26366. View out, illuminated by on-camera flash



26402. At first the trail ascends quite gently.



26401. Closer to the cave it gets steeper and some moderate climbing is required.



26370. The trail is winding over an ever narrower tongue of gravel until it reaches the rock wall, approximately at the height of the cave entrance, yet much more to the west. Views of the lake and its southern shore, as the one depicted here, open up.



26371. The riverbed top, with a small plateau, is seen some 20 meters lower. As no good traverse was in sight we climbed down to the plateau. In the picture - the top of the riverbed with large boulders - view east



26372. On a narrow horizontal ledge top of a large stone kettle can be attained, with big rounded pebbles at the bottom.



26373. Water from the cave flows into the kettle down the fissure top center and left.



26376. A coat of moss is covering the kettle walls.



26375. View west from top of the kettle, with Bohinjski Migovec mountain on the horizon



26396. View south from top of the plateau ...



26398. ... with riverbed of large boulders



26407. Western lake side from the shoreline, with slanting rays of the sun, setting over the Komna plateau



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