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A lecture by Jurij Kunaver, Viki Grošelj, Irena Mrak, Matej Blatnik and Tomaž Goslar
Institute of Geography, Geographical Museum, Gosposka 16, Ljubljana
10 December 2015, 1 picture

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28296. It was all about three expeditions to this Himalayan mountain, in 1972, 1975 and 2014. There were many new and interesting data, in word and picture, from the first Slovenian alpine down jacket (puhovka) as a garment of very handsome Jurij Kunaver (1956) to the picture of the Manaslu glacier which had lowered, due to global warming, by 20 meters from 1972 to 2014, and so its soil and gravel banks, together with the grave of Nejc Zaplotnik, legendary Slovenian climber who perished there in 1983, collapsed into the moving ice, and to the extraordinary experience when one of the lecturers, after returning from the height of 7.200 m to the base camp, lost her sight and fell into a coma, in 2014. From this height the researchers also brought down a sample of lichen, the highest growing organism discovered so far. Matej told a lot of interesting about the Makalu flora, it is similar to that of the Julian Alps, only grows about 2.000 m higher. Edelweiss comes from the Himalayas, and the gentians which grow there are particularly beautiful. Matej already determined over half of the species he found on the mountain slope, the determination of the other plant remain as a task for the future, when the Google search engine will be improved.




  La Biennale di Venezia 2015, October 14     Rakov Škocjan, December 19  

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