Primož Jakopin, photo diary

Rakov Škocjan

Putikovanje - DZRJL Grotto New Year's Eve Party
19 December 2015, 14 pictures

Pictures are approximately 683 x 1024 pixels in size. Numbers in front of the photo descriptions are serial numbers of the original images. Full names of pictured persons, in no particular order: Aleksandra Kranjc - Jerca, Tanja Tomšič, Rok Grecs, Matija Perne, Anže Oblak, Behare Rexhepi - Beki, Primož Presetnik - Pipistrel, Ester Premate, Matic Di Batista - Diba, Uroš Kunaver, Tomaž Miklavčič - Boni, Tine Petkovšek, Blaž Dovžan - Laverdist, Teo Delić and Dušan Tominc.
Photo and copyright (c) Primož Jakopin 2015.


LD Rakek Hunting Lodge, the Venue


28342. The now traditional place for the DZRJL festivity, light painted night view




28339. Everybody in the lodge was attending to his business: Rok was explaining the amazing peculiarities of recent developments in the Kopriva caving scene to Tanja and Jerca, Matija could hardly grasp that the current situation is in general as bleak as Anže vividly described it, while Becky was trying, step by step, to decipher the true meaning behind the arriving cellphone message.




28341. Blaž baked an XXL loaf of bread for the occasion and now started to slice it up. It was supposed to be bat-shaped but the dough decided to re-compact itself in the oven.




28344. The forest had to be substantially cleared after the February 2014 sleet as testified by this pile of 4 m spruce logs not far from the lodge.




28345. For a stroll to Tkalca jama no light was required - the road and all around it bathed in moonlight.




Tkalca jama Cave


28346. The huge eastern, river entrance to the cave, view from the inside. The drought dried up the Rak river and its bed is now empty.




28347. View of the slope and the southern entrance on top of it from the dry riverbed




LD Rakek Hunting Lodge Pavillion


28355. Ester, blindfolded first candidate for the DZRJL initiation rites, after a demanding crawl through numerous improvised obstacles beyond the decency to be depicted here, escorted and guided by her tutor, Pipistrel, stands before ...




28354. ... the tribunal, presided by Matija (who spiced his first time appearance in this role with fresh, very entrepreneurial spirit), assisted by Uroš and Boni, for the final examination.




28351. The fire in the middle of the pavillion ...




28350. ... helped to dry the candidate as the crawl included a water squeeze. Ester displayed a wide knowledge horizon - when asked what was the ratio of female/male members of the Rakek Hunting Club at the time of its founding her guess (1:50) was very close to the real thing (1:60).




28353. Tutor hesitated to taste the potion, generously offered by Boni. It was part of another tricky question to the candidate: What is the differnce between yogurt and the seminal fluid?




28352. Approvingly looking fellows at the pavillion entrance: Blaž, Teo, Dušan and Anže




28343. There was fog and low clouds all over the plains of central Slovenia, most notably in Ljubljana, but not in Rakov Škocjan. The air was fresh and crisp, below zero, and the sky was clear with glowing stars.




  Makalu, December 10     From Gozdec to Caving Shelter on Mt. Kanin, December 25  

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