Primož Jakopin, photo diary

Cueva del Este, Puerta Falsa, Lanzarote

April 22, 2016, 17 pictures

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Plateau Below Haría, Above Arrieta


29619. Setting moon above the hills above Haría, early in the morning



29623. The sun, rising from the sea. Unlike the sun in higher latitudes, for instance at the west coast of the Black Sea, which rises slowly and is of dark red colour, the sun rose as a very bright fireball, as a true herald of African heat, and with great speed, as it would be engine driven.



Haría Cemetery


29625. Graves are in walls, usually in four levels as depicted here, with front side just big enough for a coffin.



29624. Some tombstones are not black but of stone in lighter colours, and date of birth is often not given.



29627. Quite a few graves had vases with fresh flowers such as white lilies shown here.



29628. Some graves have a sculpture for a tombstone, such as this of Tino, probably a flute player and a composer.



29629. Tombstone of César Manrique, 1919 - 1992, the artistic father and patron-saint of Lanzarote. Many small details on the tombstone and around it reveal how dear he is to the hearts of people on this island, as, for instance does the setting of the Leo Tolstoy's grave.



29630. Manrique's grave, wider view



Puerta Falsa, Cueva del Este / Eastern Cave of the Puerta Falsa Collapse


29633. Three brave climbers from Tenerife



29635. Cave entrance, view from the tunnel



29636. Cave profile a stone's throw before the point where the lower and the upper floor of the cave unite again



29644. Close inside view of the entrance



29645. Two climbers on the northern side of the entrance



29646. View of the entrance from the Puerta Falsa collapse



29647. The trail to the cave winds from the rim down the collapse.



Ascent to Montaña Corona from the West, from the Road Guinate - Ye


29654. View out from a cave, situated some 50 m below the crater rim



29656. Clouds and the sun in the sea, from the mountaion slope



  Playa de Famara, Lanzarote, April 21     Jardin de Cactus, Guatiza, Lanzarote, April 23  

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