Primož Jakopin, photo diary

Playa de Famara, Lanzarote

April 21, 2016, 10 pictures

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Plain West of Los Valles


29569. Rented car, an Opel GTC, 140 HP, front and port side, from higher viewpoint. The company, Cabrera Medina, had no car available in the least expensive category so the GTC was offered instead. It was a real pleasure to drive, 6 speeds, extremely cozy ride - 100 km/h at 2,100 rpm. The only drawback was the lack of 4 doors to load and unload the backpacks, hats more easily.



Playa de Famara


29570. Surfer, preparing to raise himself from the water, on the wave ...



29571. ... just up ...



29572. ... riding on the wave ...



29573. ... and collapsing back in the wave.



29596. Cobbles, the sand, the sea with a reef in the distance, the sky



29600. View north along the beach, to the viewpoint on the cliff, west of Haría - Mirador de Haría



29605. Rocks in the shallow sea



29606. Volcanic cobbles on the beach (prodnjaki in Sl.)



29615. Late afternoon skyline with sun through the sparse clouds, reflected in the sea



  Isla la Graciosa, April 20     Cueva del Este, Puerta Falsa, Lanzarote, April 22  

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