Primož Jakopin, photo diary

Jameo de la Gentes, Eastern Cave, Lanzarote

April 28, 2016, 6 pictures

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Jameo de la Gentes, Eastern Cave


29862. View back (towards the entrance) from the collapse which closes the main tunnel



29882. View in (direction from the entrance into the cave) at the place when the tunnel gets narrower



29885. Graffiti on the cave wall, carved with whiter stone: Amo la vida (I love life)



29888. Cleaner section of the tunnel, view in, without collapsed rocks. Remnants of the last lava stream that trickled on the bottom are well discernible. Horizontal bulge along the left wall developed as the lava solidified at the side of the large liquid stream that flew throgh the cave.



29897. Waymark showing the direction towards the cave entrance (out)





29903. Sunset clouds between the two hills to the north of Mirador de Haría



  Montaña Corona Crater, Lanzarote, April 27     Playa La Francesa, Isla La Graciosa, April 29  

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