Primož Jakopin, photo diary

Breccia Caverns above Uvala Dutić / Dutić Cove
Otok Brač / Brač Island

August 24, 2016, 17 pictures

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The caverns are situated above the beach in the cove, named by the author after the closest place name, of abandoned monastery in the hillside, Pustinja Dutić (16th to 20th century), west of Murvica on the southern side of the island.


The Two Upper Caverns


31835. Beach view of the two main caverns, carved by the elements from the breccia outcrop



Western Upper Cavern


31836. Caverns are accessible using the narrow ledge center right.



31838. Closer view of the western cavern entrance with some smaller caverns above it



31840. View out, to the sea, from the inside



31845. Cavern is spacious enough to offer standing height, view out



31846. One of several side niches



31850. Side walls are dotted with spider nets.



31851. Spider nets up close



31852. Two side niches with a little pillar in between



31853. Window openings in the western wall



31862 - 31864. Composite image view from the entrance out, made from three stitched photos



31865. Single view out, made some deeper in the entrance



Eastern Upper Cavern


31857. View west from the entrance with Hvar island in the distance



31858. The second cavern is considerably smaller - view in.



Beach Cavern


31599. Smaller cavern which still provides a good sun shade, is situated straight on the beach.



31597. View east and up from the cavern



31596. View south, to Hvar island, from the cavern



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