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Špilja Minjera / Mine Cave Near Škrip
Otok Brač / Brač Island

August 23, 2016, 9 pictures

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          The best reference for the cave / mine, located on the paved road from the northern coast of the island uphill to the village Škrip (or descending from Škrip to the sea), is the dedicated web page (in Croatian) of the Speleological Department of the Mountaineering Society "Željezničar" / Zagreb Railway Grotto. According to that source the underground object is 988 m long of which 314 m belongs to the Main tunnel. Denivelation from the entrance to the end of the cave is -41 m, it slowly descends towards the sea. The only correction the author could add is that there is a nice trail to the cave which starts at the fence which surrounds the entire compound, some 20 m from the paved road to side road junction. The cave was heavily transformed during nearly 200 years of mining, from mid-18th century on. Yet it is a pleasant surprise, most of the tunnels are easily passable, of standing height, it is a maze of passages where the colours of the walls and the ceiling vary from almost white to all the shades of brown and terra rossa to black of the bituminized dolomite layers, excavated during the exploitation of the mine. All in all, a very nice underground object, and not difficult to get to.
          For how long it will stay this way is not a big question. General trend, not only in Croatia, is to lock any still free underground object worth a visit, either to make it only accessible for guided tours which take away 99% of the caver's experience and excitement or to make it accessible only to a handful of those who have the pleasure to enjoy the privilege, knowing that it is denied to everybody else, in the name of science, nature protection, visitor safety or some other nice-sounding excuse and pretext. Here the fact that the cave is not closed seems to make perfect sense. Lack of garbage in the cave, the only signs of recent human presence are just a few survey markings, attest that not only the compound fence does its job but also that the visitors were environment friendly people, lovers of underground natural and technical heritage who left nothing behind in the cave and only took home some nice memories.


Access to the Cave


31775 - 31779. Panoramic view of the road uphill to Škrip with the heaps of excavated material, called Galerija / Gallery. The side road which brings you immediately to the cave forks to the right just after the piles of rock.



The Cave


31750. The entrance, view in



31736. The pictures which follow were taken on the way back, from a point not more than some 100 m into the cave. In the picture: one of the scenes, typical for the Minjera tunnels - side walls built of excavated rocks, and the original cave ceiling



31739. Here the ceiling is bitumen-black.



31738. The largest hall in the first part of the cave - view in



31742. A daddy longlegs on the side wall



31743. Flowstone slowly grows over some of the excavated passages.



31745. View of one of the larger spaces in the cave, in all the hues of reddish-brown



31747. On the left side, just after the entrance a low tunnel forks off, partly flooded with about half a meter deep rain water.



  The Main Brač Island Quarry at Pučišće and Its Stone, August 22     Breccia Caverns above Uvala Dutić, August 24  

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