Primož Jakopin, photo diary

From Vršič Pass to Prednje okno / Front Window in Mt. Prisojnik

October 30, 2016, 44 pictures

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All pictures photo and copyright (c) Primož Jakopin 2016.


32948. View southwest over Zadja Trenta valley to Mt. Srednji Pelc, 2.338 m



32949. View northwest with Mt. Mala Mojstrovka, 2.333 m



32950. Snack site at the trail side, 1.700 m a. s. l.



32951. Snack: cheese, curd, maize bread, plum jam, ananas juice



32952. Alpine meadow and the clouds against the sun on top of the hill above Vršič pass, below western face of Mt. Prisojnik



32953. The trail is passing, for about half an hour, a large screen slope below the stone wall.



32955. The trail at the end of the scree field ...



32954. ... enters a sparse larch forest.



32956 - 32957. Composite vertical view of the upper Soča valley which meanders among steep mountain sides.



32958. Larch slope with Mt. Jalovec, 2.645 m



32959. Zadnja Trenta, end of the Soča river valley, above the spring



32960. The trail winds up a steep grassy slope towards Mt. Prisojnik, 2.547 m



32961. View of broad-shouldered Mt. Razor, 2.601 m



32962. View southeast with Mt. Triglav on the horizon



32963. Closer view of Prednje okno / Front Window on Mt. Prisojnik, as seen from the trail Vršič pass - Mt. Prisojnik, from the viewpoint at 2.213 m



32964. Wider view of Prednje okno, again from the southeast



32967. View south from the same viewpoint, with Mt. Kanin, 2.587 m, on the horizon and with Alpine chough, Pyrrhocorax graculus (planinska kavka in Slovenian) in the air



32974. Snack scene was in a rather scary place, just below the edge of the Prednje okno precipice.



32965. The birds are good observers, immediately noticed what is going on and one of the coughs came quite close ...



32977. ... turned the head and ...



32966. ... kept collecting treats, beef tendons from the soup, to fill the bill.



32969. When it was enough the cough flew off to a safer place to eat in peace.



32968. Another cough was not so prudent and immediately received an unwanted visit from the side ...



32970. ... and had to defend her meal ...



32971. ... in a fierce fight, on earth and ...



32972. ... in the air, which lasted ...



32973. ... until the loser flew off.



32975. Close view of the precipice edge with top of the window ...



32978. ... and a wider view



32976. View west-south-west over Zadnja Trenta with clouds and the sun on top



32979. Another view of Mt. Razor with late afternoon shadows



32981. The slope that leads to Mt. Prisojnik is covered with larch forest at the foot and with grass higher up.



32982. The trail winds at the edge above the mountain's western wall, Mt. Jalovec is in the distance.



32984. Between the larch forest and grassy slope there is a belt of creeping pine - here bordered with a grove of dry grass.



32985. Sun through the autumn-brown larch branches



32986. In places the trail is rather steep with sharp bends and trekking poles come in very handy.



32987. Sunset over the ridge south of Mt. Jalovec



32989. Another view of Zadnja Trenta, the upper corner of the Soča river valley, over the larch overgrown mountain slope



32988. Scree particles on the trail vary from coarse sand ...



32990. ... to larger rocks.



32991. View south - the valleys and the mountains already deep in the dark, the clouds still illuminated by the sun



32992. Ajdovska deklica / Giant Maiden portrait in the western face of Mt. Prisojnik, last sunrays illuminated the top.



32993. Evening view southwest over Zadja Trenta valley to Mt. Srednji Pelc



32994. Last snack took place in front of Erjavčeva koča mountain hut (tables at the right).



  Radošca / Radoshitza Cave, Day 15, October 27     Radošca / Radoshitza Cave, Day 16, November 3  

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