Primož Jakopin, photo diary

Radošca / Radoshitza Cave, Day 20
Search for the Gregor's Pool

November 30, 2016, 27 pictures

Most images are approximately 683 x 1024 pixels in size, numbers in front of picture descriptions are serial numbers of the original photo files. Event participants who all contributed to the making of these pictures: Janez Kanoni - Žan, Metod Di Batista, Gregor Pintar - Stari, Marjan Baričič, Rok Brajkovič - Brajko, Marjan Juvan - Manč, Janez Ileršič - Ile, Jurij Kunaver - Vili and Marko Vogrič - Mare.

All the pictures photo and copyright (c) Primož Jakopin - Klok 2016, except 33326, where the credits go to Rok Brajkovič - Brajko.


Patterns, Natural and Man-Made, Not Far From the Cave


33297. Looks like a lightning in the fog but is not. It is view through the PVC foil on the eastern side of the gazeebo, with a wrinkle in the middle.



33298. Firewood logs, stacked at the western side of the gazeebo



33299. Dry beech leaves



33300. Dry grass



33301. Cloud flakes



33302. Spruce branches in a pile Klok built



33306. Pieces of ice on the water surface in the plastic barrel where the rain water from the roof is collected



33311. Apple compote



33312. Sprouts and potatoes



33315. Bonfire Mare has made.



33310. Rhapsody in dark yellow - cheese from Tolmin which Vili brought for all to taste and enjoy.



Članska vas Village


33303. Vili showed remarkable force and stamina, considering that he was born the same year Иван Алексеевич Бунин obtained the Nobel prize for literature, he split beech logs like here ...



33304. ... and here ...



33305. ... and here, as he would do it every day.



33307. Three large chunks of cheese from Bovec and Tolmin which he brought.



33308. Sheep cheese from Bovec ...



33309. ... and cow cheese from Tolmin



33313. Žan was cutting beech logs into stove-sized chunks which Ile stacked at the side wall of the gazeebo.



33314. Another modest meal: cooked sprouts and potatoes, bread, apple compote, jam of apricots and pears



33316. Mare made a bonfire of spruce branches he was taking from a pile (not shown) assembled by Klok. The latter cleared the lower parts of the slope to the south of the gazeebo of leftovers from logging which followed the sleet in February 2014.



33318. Marjan, just returned from the cave duty, and Žan, the village mayor



Cave Entrance


33320. At 15.45 the last two of the skeleton crew, Andrej ...



33319. ... and Manč (really battered, in his own words) returned from the cave.



Excavation Site


33322. Wednesday is a good day for Klok, he can stay longer and so, despite late hour, night was coming soon, he decided to pay a visit to the excavation site, to see the current state of affairs. He was especially intrigued by Gregor's observations at Radošca 19, about what happened when Gregor emptied a bucket, half full of rainwater, accumulated in a week. The water disappeared into the rubble, rippling to a pool below which Gregor could not say how much deeper from the current ground it was, maybe half a meter, maybe more. Klok found the end of the tunnel of proportions, big enough to squat but with completely leveled ground of rubble (not shown). To see how the real bottom of the tunnel looked like and where would that Gregor's pool be, he started to clean the rubble at the end of the tunnel. As there was no helper to take the buckets from him, he just threw handfuls of rubble back into the tunnel, about 3 meters far, uphill. What was an ample cascade of rock steps slowly turned into a steep slope which could barely hold together and with just enough space to crawl over it. As he reached the bottom he started cleaning the floor backwards, away from the tunnel end. He remembered Rene, his caving best friend of half a century ago, who was digging in Jama na meji cave, for 8 hours, hanging down in a narrow tunnel, cracking stone little by little with a hammer and a chisel, with barely enough space to swing the hammer by some 30 cm. A small puddle formed, shown in the picture, before the meander-too-narrow-to-pass, and its bottom was solid. So further clearing was required. In the end the work took two hours and 1.5 m from the end of the tunnel a larger bottomless area appeared where the water would sink and where he stopped. After an hour Brajko descended to mid-tunnel and shouted: Are you OK? Do you need help? After an explanation of what is going on he returned. An hour later someone (maybe Brajko, maybe not) was heard again from the distance, only this time the speech was less gentle: P...a ti materina, pejd ven! (in Serbian and Slovenian, could be roughly translated as: F..k you, are you coming out or not?!



33325. Another view of the end of the tunnel, this time with a headlight and gloves for measure



Članska vas Village


33326. The author of these lines, slightly out of order, but with very enlightened head, returned from the cave.



33328. Old pals, Žan and Gregor, in good mood (Guess what their middle fingers are supposed to say ...) below the newly installed picture of Viljem Putik, the first and foremost explorer of Lanski vrh caves



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