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Radošca / Radoshitza Cave, Day 33
The Three from Škofja loka

March 22, 2017, 32 pictures

Most images are approximately 683 x 1024 pixels in size, numbers in front of picture descriptions are serial numbers of the original photo files. Event participants who contributed to the making of these pictures: Janez Kanoni - Žan, Metod Di Batista, Gregor Pintar - Stari, Marjan Baričič, Rok Brajkovič - Brajko, Janez Ileršič - Ile and Marko Vogrič - Mare.

Pictures photo and copyright (c) Primož Jakopin - Klok 2017.


Članska vas Village


34699. Članska vas House Rules is a new addition to the Bulletin board. The rules go as follows: Keep the place tidy, leave it in the same condition as you got it! / Items, pictures and other objects are not for take away! / Firewood is for the stove, not for bonfires! / Be respectful to veteran's holy values! / Water tap works only if connected to water and power supply! / / Last but not least: enjoy your stay, praise Putik and čLanski vrh! / The Veteran Team.



34700. Žan crafted a new window in the firewood wall - view from the outside ...



34701. ... and from the inside.



34702. Ile and Brajko at the table



34698. Mid-morning snack: curd, cooked chickpeas (čičerika in Slovenian), bread, garlic, strawberry and apple jam, aronia juice



34703. Brajko added an off-road jacket to his garment collection.



34704. Mare with the bora-dried streaky bacon ...



34705. ... cutting (and eating) it slice by slice.



Mao Cetungova jama Cave, Cad. Nr. 778


34707 - 34715. Panoramic view (north - south) of the Unica branch dry riverbed that ends with the cave entrance (hidden, to the left) ...



34716 - 34721. ... and of the stone wall canyon with the entrance metal gratings.



34722. Below the gratings which can easily be slipped-through this view opens up. The cave is not long but has quite a few very special features.



34723. View up from the sand on the bottom



34724. A toad couple mating



34726. View of the northern entrance hall wall - cave continuation which leads to nearby Žanova jama cave of bottom right.



34730. The passage to Žanova jama is open, even not muddy, most inviting but ... would better be crossed in a company.



34731. Another view from bottom up



34732. On the eastern side of the bottom another passage is open - view out from the inside.



34733. View to the west, towards the first passage, which is situated slightly lower.



34734. View of the entrance with wider surroundings. The cave has two more continuations known to Žan which could not be readily located and will be presented at one of the future occasions.



From Škofji lom Uphill Along Trajberca Forest Track


34735. Meadow buttercup, Ranunculus acris, ripeča zlatica in Slovenian.



34737. Since past week Christmas roses on sunward slopes went from full bloom to fruit.



34740. Primroses



Lowest Part of the Cave, Ground Zero


34742. Today the team from Škofja loka did the tough job of rock cracking and the transport to the lower depot. And it was just Marjan, Gregor ...



34744. ... and Metod.



34745. The rock at the right was too big to carry - it had to be pushed and rolled upwards.



34746. Metod is cracking the rock which hides the promising deep black triangle photographed on previous excursion.



Članska vas Village


34747. Brajko, Mare and Žan at the firewood preparation - the small bonfire will give embers for the barbecue.



34748. Bonfire up close



34749. Like two birds on a branch - Ile and Mare, warmed by the bonfire even 3 meters away



34750. Veggie plate with its water and the lightbulb reflection (220 V LED bulb powered by a 12 V car battery over a converter)



34751. A touch of dessert: bread, strawberry and apple jam, apple compote



34752. Klok brought two bottles of water for the yew seedlings (Jure brought them, Žan planted them) and Mare is here seen watering the southern one.



  Jamovka Cave, March 19     To the North and to the East of Mt. Slivnica, March 24  

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