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Križna jama Cave, Rakov Škocjan Caves
It's a Small World

May 24, 2017, 10 pictures

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Križna jama Cave


35566. Accu light in the hand revealed the following scene, in the direction of the passage from the First to the Second Lake.



35567. Boat passengers and the guide



35568. Last of them just disembarked, on return



35569. The large inflatable boat in the First Lake



35571. The guide is explaining flowstone growth in the cave stream bed.



35572. At the steps north of Chimborazo flowstone hill



35573. Guide Tanja and two of the visitors



Rakov Škocjan Caving Eldorado


35578. View north across the tunnel below the Little Natural Bridge, the tunnel where the light seeps in from both entrances.



35583. Tkalca jama cave, view of the northern entrance from the inside, with the warm green of the spring forest



35585. Below the Big Natural Bridge, view east



  Radošca / Radoshitza Cave, Day 40, May 17     Najdena jama Cave Veteran's Day, May 27  

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