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Radošca / Radoshitza Cave, Day 68
Snow, Snow, Snow

December 28, 2017, 26 pictures

          Most images are approximately 683 x 1024 pixels in size, numbers in front of the picture descriptions are serial numbers of the original photo files. Event participants who contributed to the making of these pictures and related persons: Janez Kanoni - Žan, Gregor Pintar - Stari, Marjan Baričič, Anton Brancelj - Ižanc, Jernej Petrovčič - Jerko and France Šušteršič.

          Pictures photo and copyright (c) Primož Jakopin - Klok 2017.

Članska vas Village


38102. Marjan departed to the cave a short time after the rain turned to snow. Kudos to Gregor, the driving force behind today's digging, who insisted to go with it despite the unfavorable weather. Any progress will facilitate an advance in the next year.



38103. As Marjan was on his way the precipitation in form of the wet snow intensified.



38104. The snack: cooked chickpeas and spinach, garlic, maize bread, khaki, black cummin oil, aronia juice with hot water



38105. Jerko came to greet his old pal Žan some time later - his flu prevented him to join the digging team.



38106. France provided Članska vas with a copy of the new, 2018 Logatec municipality calendar, featuring Logatec caves on all its pages. The second and the third picture in the top row (February and March) were contributed by Klok.



38107. Žan is showing with his hand the direction in which, according to France, the northern entrance to Lipertova jama cave should be situated.



38108. Žan and Jerko in the northern shelter door, in the heavy snowfall



38109. Ižanc returned from the cave, soaking wet from head to toe ...



38110. ... yet satisfied that he also participated in this extraordinary enterprise.



Across the Lanski vrh to Grčarevec


38111. New wet snow made the narrow forest track, the connection of (still impassable because of the spruces, downed by the gale-force wind) Vajzova cesta road and Kališka cesta road - from the latter we drove to Članska vas, barely passable - the front (drive) wheels of the Fiat Punto were slipping but still had enough grip to slowly drag the car forward. As the author intended to visit the entrance of Planinska jama cave, very likely spectacular because of the flooding water level, it made no sense to drive eastwards on Kališka cesta road. The road Laze - Planina, the normal choice, was flooded, so he turned westwards, to reach Grčarevec and from there Planina. Kališka cesta is wider and in much better condition than the track to Članska vas but has a long ascent to the junction where the forest road to Grčarevec branches off (at the WWII memorial plate, erected in memory of the battle between the partisan resistance unit and the quisling forces). All went well as long as the car was in the second gear and the speed above 20 km/h. But just below the junction the heavy new snow lowered the tops of the bushes at the road side so much that they were hanging low above the road. It required a slowdown to avoid damage on the front part of the car and so changing to the first gear. The drive wheels began to lose contact with the ground, to slip most of the time. Yet the car made it over the junction, bit by bit. Situation was deteriorating from minute to minute and external help in form of a tractor from the village was required to move the vehicles of the Radošca team to firm ground.



38112. View back (north) with car tracks more brown than white ...



38113. ... and the view forward, to the south



To Planinska jama Cave


38114. View of the Planina castle tower - the animal lower left is not a bear but a cow.



38115. That the waterfall at the cave entrance is very large was already visible at the bridge - normally the bridge pillars are 2 m out of the water.



38116. Fallen tree in the riverbed, in the rapids and in the snowfall



38118. View of the rock wall with the cave entrance below it from the distance



38119. Closer view of the cave entrance and its waterfall ...



38120. ... and a wider view



38121. Water level in the entrance hall was getting close to the level of the tourist trail ...



38122. ... and Unica river even started to flow over the hydro power plant canal lock.



38123. View down the hydro power plant canal with torrential flow



38124. View out from below the wall where the entrance hall begins



38125. Closer view of the Unica river below the cave entrance dam with waves, breaking on the rocks in the river bed



38126. View of the part of the upper side of Planina from the access road to the cave parking lot



Planinsko jezero Lake


38127. The road Planina - Unec was barely above the lake water level - view north-northeast with the road in the foreground



38128. View east down the road to Stari grad hill and the ruins of the castle - the rising water closed the road a few hours after the picture was taken.



  Caving Veterans New Year's Eve, December 22  

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