Primož Jakopin, photo diary

A Weekend in London
Fulham, Camden Lock, National Gallery

January 13, 2018, 53 pictures

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38278. Rear view of a modern double decker bus, line 11, at the terminal, Fulham Town Hall station ...



38279. ... and the front view



38284. A black man with hood, busy with his cell phone, sitting on the bench of the eastbount platform of the Fulham Braodway underground station



38280. The first scene from the westbound train ...



38281. ... the second one ...



38282. ... and the third one



38283. Westbound train at the Embankment station, just before the doors closed for departure



Camden Town and Camden Lock


38285. Camden High Street, view in the direction of Camden Lock. Camden market with its Stable Market is one of the top London attractions, especially for the vintage and retro gear.



38286. View of the Camden Lock with a narrow boat (top left) when the boat operator is closing the western lock.



38287. Western lock is closed, now he is opening the eastern one.



38288. Water level started to fall, so he is untying the rope which was holding the narrow boat away from the lock.



38289. Inside the largest leatherware store in the Camden Stables Market



38290. A chandelier store



38291. A cherry-printed dress for a little girl



38292. Fleming antiques shop



38293. A snack in the Pret A Manger restaurant: tuna sandwich (for later use), vegetable soup, bread, garlic, cooked chickpeas, hemp oil (black cumin oil was not possible to obtain in Fulham and in the City), lemon, cooked green beans, blackcurrant jam, hot water, cranberry juice (bought locally, way too sour, aronia juice was available only diluted 1:200)



38295. There were no separate toilets for Ladies/Gents, all were labelled as unisex ...



38294. ... there were three, all in high demand.



38296. View from the first floor to the groundfloor of the restaurant



38298. A vendor in the Nepalese ethno shop with two customers ...



38297. ... and a light jacket on display



38299. One of many shops on the Camden High Street



38311. It was cold and also a bit windy but some shoppers, even not particularly young as the man depicted here, were wearing shirts with short sleeves or shorts ...



38314. ... while the majority was dressed more appropriately.



38300. The four underground train rails - the second and the fourth (from bottom up) are power rails. The lower one carries -210 V current while the upper one +420 V



The National Gallery


38301. Gravity defying Yoda-goblin-disguised street artist, a more clear view



38302. Palma Vecchio: A Blonde Woman, about 1520, oil on wood, 77.5 x 64.1 cm



38304. Bronzino: An Allegory with Venus and Cupid, about 1545, oil on panel, 146 × 116 cm



38306. Inside the gallery



38307. Claude: A Seaport, 1644, oil on canvas, 103 x 131 cm



38309. Philippe de Champaigne and studio: Triple Portrait of Cardinal de Richelieu, probably 1642, oil on canvas, 58.7 x 72.8 cm



38312. Anthony van Dyck: Portrait of François Langlois, probably early 1630s, oil on canvas, 97.8 x 80 cm



38315. Another view into the depths of the first floor gallery spaces



38316. Joseph Mallord William Turner: Calais Pier, 1803, oil on canvas, 172 x 240 cm. The best naval masterpieces, such as Turner's The Battle of Trafalgar are kept elsewhere, in The National Maritime Museum in Greenwich.



38318. Elisabeth Louise Vigée le Brun: Self Portrait in Straw Hat, after 1782, oil on canvas, 97.8 x 70.5 cm. In a class of its own.



38320. A woman in yellow rubber boots during her visit of the gallery



38322. A couple, just acquaintances, below the outdoor gallery staircase



38323. The three sisters in the lap of one of the four lions at the foot of Lord Nelson's monument



To the Entrance of the Buckingham Palace


38321. The Mall, the wide boulevard that leads to the Buckingham palace (in the distance) from the Trafalgar square



38324. Victoria Memorial from the east



38325. A mother tending to her two daughters



38326. A couple is looking to something interesting happening at the entrance.



38327. The northern of the two guards (black) with black bearskin at the palace door made his 15 steps along the palace wall and just turned around. The distance from the outer fence with visitors is great and even a long telephoto shot had to be cropped in half for this and the following pictures.



38328. Here he is at the end of a step ...



38329. ... and here in the mid-step.



38330. The other guard walking



38331. Ornamented doors to the yard of the palace



38332. Men taking selfies in front of the memorial



38333. Gold-coloured statue on top of the memorial



38334. Coat of arms on top of the outer palace fence





38335. Backpack, an acquisition from the Camden Town



38336. Dinner - a baked red snapper, baked potatoes with cooked carrot, garlic, beetroot salad, apple compote



38337. Dessert: banana cake, apple compote



  Fulham, National Gallery, Trafalgar Square, January 12     From Fulham to Ljubljana, January 14  

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