Primož Jakopin, photo diary

A Weekend in London
From Fulham to Ljubljana

January 14, 2018, 24 pictures

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38340. Breakfast: polenta with braised banana and apple, tuna sandwich from Pret A Manger, yogurt and tea



38341. View of the yard with two-storey terraced houses in the immediate neighbourhood



38344. A building with white horizontal white lines and vertical as well as arched stripes.



38345. An example of early 20th century architecture



38349. Phillip King: Clarion, 1981, metal construction



38351. Road scene in downtown Fulham



St John's Church


38346. The choir of five, singing



38347. View towards the altar



38348. Southeastern church side with the kid's playground in the yard



To Victoria Station


38352. Inside the underground train



38353. Victoria train station has a remarkably clean - and free - toilets.



38354. TX4 is the latest reincarnation of the famous London taxicab.



Victoria Coach Station


38355. The main bus station is within walking distance from the train station.



38356. A homeless man at the side of the bus station building



38358. A passenger of adventurous looks - and style



38359. A non-black taxicab - advertisement has to be vivid and attractive.



Gatwick Airport


38357. The bus from Victoria Coach Station to Gatwick takes a route through many London suburb towns with a myriad of junctions and traffic lights - the train connection makes much more sense.



38360. Access road from the bus terminal to the airport building requires some walking.



38361. Covered part of the access to the North Terminal



38363. After the check-in the access track, marked by black stone flooring, meanders intensively so that the passengers are exposed to temptations in as many shops as possible.



38364. Waiting hall with access to the flight gates



From Gatwick to Ljubljana


38365. Rear cabin seated passengers boarded the plane through the door in the tail.



38366. Inside the plane during the safety procedure demo



38367. Passengers disembarking from the rear door of the plane to the tarmac - front door had an exit directly into the airport building.



  Fulham, Camden Lock, National Gallery, January 13     Radošca / Radoshitza Cave, Day 69, January 17  

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