Primož Jakopin, photo diary

The Gambia
From Brussels to Banjul, Senegambia

January 22, 2018, 22 pictures

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Ayssa and Pubby (25 and 18, nicknames are used to protect their identity) from Gambia, she is the youngest sister of his uncle's wife, participated in many pictures of this page.

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Brussels Airport


38421. Resting in one of the two airport restaurants on the Departures floor, open all night. The difficult hours were from midnight to two in the morning.



38422. Airport Departures information board at 3.40 a. m. A click will show it full size.



38423. View of the main hall in the Departures hall, towards the entrance



38424. A poster for the SOS Children's Villages humanitarian organization, founded by Hermann Gmeiner, an acquaintance of Gitica Jakopin, the author's mother



From Brussels to Banjul


38425. Low level view up the plane's aisle



38426. View down to the Cordillera Central mountain range, and the plane wing



38427. High level view of the plane interior, towards the front part



38428. A couple, playing cards



38429. A passenger stretching his legs during the long flight



38430. Two cabin crew members at work in the aisle



38431. In the bus from the plane to Banjul airport building





38433. Ayssa and Pubby



38434. Traffic is very dense in Senegambia, especially around its centre, the junction of Senegambia Highway and Senegambia Road, and minor traffic accidents with several vehicles involved are not rare. In the picture: the last two of the three Mercedes passenger cars that collided after the first one (not shown) made a sudden stop. The second car, a Mercedes-Benz W201 (model 190 D), produced between 1982 and 1993, is the most common taxicab brand in the Gambia.



38435. African women are known for their richly coloured attires and this street vendor, carrying her produce on the head, is no exception



38436. Trying on a new dress



38437. Playing football (soccer for American readers) on the beach - everybody is invited to participate.



38439. Ayssa and Pubby against the setting sun



38440. A beach music group rehearsing for the evening performance



38442. Palm tree top with (edible) fruit, not coconuts however



38444. Three sisters on the road away from the beach, with Pubby and Ayssa in the background



38441. Night view of the Alex's restaurant-bar, on the northern side of the Senegambia Road, the first to the west of the junction with Senegambia Highway



38446. A short nap on the living room sofa. Pubby's jacket is used as a cover.



  Brussels, January 21     Brikama, Bald Cape, January 23  

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