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Najdena jama / NewFound Cave Veteran's Day
What a Cave, What a Day!

May 26, 2018, 47 pictures

Most images are approximately 683 x 1024 pixels in size, numbers in front of picture descriptions are serial numbers of the original photo files. Event participants who contributed to the making of these pictures, one way or the other: Janez Kanoni - Žan, Metod Di Batista and Alenka Terlep - Lenča, Gregor - Stari and Marina Pintar, Matic Di Batista - DiBa and Špela Borko, Marjan Baričič, Stephanie Sullivan, Miha Tomažič, Andrej Drevenšek - Vrtnar, Marjan Juvan - Manč, Janez Modrijan - Modrc, Jurij - Yeti Anđelić and Nevia Pužar, Janez Ileršič - Ile, Jurij Trenz, Kristofer - Bajsi and Vanja Pečar, Cyril Mayaud, Behare Rexhepi - Beki and Jure Bevc, Rok Kostanjšek, Maja Hostnik, Nika Pišek, Klemen Kramar, Vid Naglič, Franci Gabrovšek - Franček, Dorotea Verša Paić and Robert Paić, their dog Bianca, Jure - Ðuro, Anita and Žan Košutnik, Tomaž Šuštar - Ikarus, Marjeta Zajc - Tačka, Vojko Mahorčič - Vojc, Anton Brancelj - Ižanc, Jurij Kunaver - Vili, Uroš Kunaver, Lanko, Bina, Žodor and Ilija Marušič, Riko and Rok Grecs, Tomi Lajovic - Tomac, Dean Pestator - Pestoter, Luka Večerin, Andrej Baraga, Mira and France Šušteršič, Nataša Sivec. Special thanks go to Gregor, Marina, Uroš, Modrc and Marjan.

Pictures photo and copyright (c) Primož Jakopin - Klok 2018 except 40502 where the credits go to Marjan Baričič.


Planinsko polje Valley, Early in the Morning


40464. View of Mt. Planinska gora from the road Laze - Planina ...



40465. ... and a view of Stari grad (703 m) hill on the southern side of the valley



40466. Upstream view of the Unica river (or better the lakes left of it at low water level) from the bridge



Orehovška brda to the west of Postojna


40467. View north across the meadow with trees along the old road Postojna - Razdrto. A call of nature precipitated the visit of this handsome place.



Članska vas Village


40468. Coming early made it possible to park the car in a shadowy spot.



40469. Mid-morning snack: cooked spinach and chickpeas, black cumin oil, garlic, kiwi, corn bread, aronia juice with spinach water, krompiruša by Špela. The latter contained no chili but some other Indian spices, as attested by Marina, the food taster in this case.



Najdena jana Cave


40470. View of the right-hand shaft over the Baldachine, the standard access for those who prefer using the SRT technique, as seen from the cave entrance room. The light belongs to Matic, the instructor, on one rope, who decided to use this opportunity for some polishing of Miha's SRT skills - Miha is below him, on the second rope.



40471. Miha and Matic descended to the bottom of the shaft in the entrance hall and, for more practice they will climb up again. The author told Matic that it will be certainly easier to catch him on phone camera during the ascent as the descent was just simply too fast. Yet Matic proved Klok wrong - he climbed up so fast that touch screen operated trigger (not always an instant way to take a picture) on the phone produced just this image.



40472. Miha was more gentle to the camera operator, made a pause so that this picture, illuminated by available light and on-camera flash, could be made.



40473. Ižanc, heading from the cave highway - Piparski rov - to Ičotov rov and up, to the sunlight



40476. The author was late because of this picture taking, the veteran team, headed for Putikova dvorana hall, was way in front of him so he had to hurry up and no pictures could be taken on the way. Here the scene at the final destination is depicted, at Svetišče / Temple, probably the most handsome corner of the cave. The author aspired to make his best phone camera cave picture here but the team was not too excited after the long and tedious journey, the right mix of favorable circumstances just was not at hand. Gregor's comment that the author's best picture was already taken was an honest and serious remark - a good candidate was shot exactly in the same place years ago - the depicted picture was the best try of (many) today's efforts: Metod, Modrc and Yeti. Destiny had it that the aspiration came true on the way back.



40478. Resting before the departure: Marina, Yeti and Marjan



40480. The team on return from Koralni rov tunnel: Yeti, Marina, Gregor, Metod and Marjan. Illuminated by two flash units - one lower right on its own micro stand and the second in Yeti's hand.



40481. Metod in his inflatable boat, crossing the muddy lake in front of the magnificent hall



40482. Yeti, with a carbide head light, holding the muddy enough rope which was used to pull the boat either side.



40483. The embarking/disembarking spot was deep mud, halfway to the knee, here seen straight ...



40484. ... and side illuminated.



40485. Before deflating the boat on top of the muddy slope (less wet the higher you go) - Modrc, Yeti, Luka, Marina and Metod.



40486. Yeti on top of the ascent from the groundwater level of the cave, with Hansov kapnik stalactite/stalagmite pair in the background, tired and serious ...



40487. ... and with a tired smile



40489. Carbide stock in his lamp was coming to an end so he hurried out, while the veterans, as year after year before, made a toast with a champagne (by Metod): Modrc, Marina, Marjan, Metod, Luka and Andrej.



40491. Brown-to-white patterns on the sinter covered rock - a handsome distraction on the way from Hansov kapnik to Stopnišče / Staircase



40492. Group photo of the team that originally descended into the cave through Krastača entrance and decided to spend the extra time exploring the southern part of Najdena jama (left to right): Cyril, Nika, Jure, Vid (top left), Uroš, Maja, Beki, Matic, Miha, Špela, Rok K. and Klemen. A click on the picture (and another one on the next screen) shows it in the full resolution. Flashlights were operated by Gregor (from the left) and Marina (from the right). Technical data: tripod mounted camera Samsung SM-G930F (S7), 4.2 mm lens, f 1.7, 0.5 sec., ISO 50, white balance set to "auto", self timer of 10 seconds. Illumination was provided by two Canon Speedlite 430 EX flash units, set to "slave", both at half power, hand triggered by Canon Speedlite Transmitter ST-E2. It is the best phone camera cave picture by the author, shows that with some hassle even the modern camera obscura with its minuscule sensor can produce usable results.



40493. It was action so fast that one could barely follow: Miha, a professional, and Marina, a natural talent, are preparing njoki, to be cooked by Žan, with France, Mira and Andrej B. in the background.



40494. The above njoki and goulash (by Modrc) were the name of the game in the gastronomic side of the event.



40496. Other staple on offer was the barbecue of many kinds of meat, brought by the respective end-users.



40495. One of the alternatives: cooked asparagus, apple and kiwi, its water, some njoki, barbecued fish fillets (catch off the western southwestern coast of the black continent), garlic, onion (by Riko) and (heavily overdone) barbecued potatoes.



40497. It was a most satisfactory conversation: Pestater, Tomac and Luka. Luka was part of the three-team (with Ðuro and Andrej) that entered the cave via Galacijevka - it was the first occasion the cave was visited from all three entrances at the same time: Najdena jama, Krastača and Galacijevka.



40498. Merry ladies, the best sight there is: Nevia and Lenča



40499. Vanja got a surprise addition to his portable amrchair ...



40500. ... which was actually first meant for his father, Bajsi, here seen accompanied by ? and Rok G.



40501. Three magic cavers, and not without experience: Marjan, Tačka and France



40502. Old affection never dies - Tačka and Klok (photo by Marjan)



40504. A touch of supernatural: Yeti and Rok G.



40506. What a tasty bite in his hand! - Bianca and Robert



40508. It all stays in the family: Stephanie and Marjan.



40509. Andrej and Modrc, in festive mood. Andrej has a big heart for caving, to put it mildly: after he made a difficult descent through Galacijevka, surpassed all the obstacles to Putikova dvorana, returned all the way from the cave bottom to the entrance, drove 40 km back home to milk the cows, returned again and, believe it or not, looks as new.



40510. A few leftovers on the table in the shelter



40511. The Lankos: Lanko, Ilija, Bina and Žodor



40512. Riko, like a preacher man, proudly holding his post over the ...



40513. ... excellent inscription page of today's cave visit: 41 people (Klemen even twice, Klok is numbered as 21A). Hooks after the name indicate that the person also returned from the cave - Nataša came late and is still inside.



40514. Dorotea with Bianca



40515. View of the venue from the west



40516. Granny's bonnet, Aquilegia vulgaris, navadna orlica in Slovenian, one of many to decorate the shelter yard.



40517. Špela is passing (fast, but not fast enough) by the cave gear left to dry and be packed later.



40518. Aerial view of the venue from the hunting tower, Tačka, Metod, Nevia and Lenča are evoking enjoyable memories, others are obviously having a good time, too.



40519. View of the southern part of the venue from some other elevated post - it was a nice, pleasant, relaxed, lazy sunny afternoon



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