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A Visit to Śląsk / Silesia
Jaskinia Miecharska Cave

September 29, 2018, 51 pictures

          Most images are approximately 683 x 1024 pixels in size, numbers in front of the picture descriptions are serial numbers of the original photo files. Participants of events who all contributed to the making of these pictures: Krzysztof and Agnieszka Rosner, Olimpia Handzlik, Krzysiek Handzlik and Joanna Markiewicz - Asia, Tomasz - Tomek and Izabela - Iza Manda, Marcin Szendoł and Marta Kałuža.

          Pictures photo and copyright (c) Primož Jakopin 2018, except 41850 and 41874 where the credits go to Krzysiek Handzlik.

In the Guesthouse


41835. The toilet was a classic one, not wall-mounted, yet still with a contemporary bowl and rear-facing vessel, which flushes more easily and with less water than older, front facing variety.



Castorama Market budowlany / Home Depot Store in Bielsko-Biała


41837. Curiosity and Krzysiek led to this picture of a slightly more humble but similar toilet, priced at 228 PLN - about 53 Euros.



41840. Living room stove Wega, of Polish brand Knap, around 500 Euros



41841. Burning space, interesting because it has no separately accessible ash container.



At the Home of Olimpia, Asia and Krzysiek in Mikuszowice Krakowskie


41846. Three girls in the kitchen: Asia, Iza and Marta



41847. The author's snack: cooked chickpeas and carrot, corn bread, kiwi, black cumin oil, garlic, aronia juice with hot water



41849. Olimpia, Krzysiek's mother, a great host



41848. Krzysiek and Asia in the red room



41851. View of the house, part of the garden and the dog from the access track



41850. An apple tree in the garden, full of fruit (photo by Krzysiek)



Jaskinia Salmopolska


41853. Marcin, Iza and Krzysiek at the entrance ...



41852. ... and Marcin, eager enough to enter despite civilian dress



Jaskinia Miecharska. Where the Nature Listened to Braque, Picasso and Gris


41854. Iza, Krzysiek and Marcin on the forest track during the ascent to the cave from Malinka valley, about half an hour walk. Shorter access from above, from the saddle at Biały Krzyz is no more possible as the road is no more accessible to the general public.



41855. Marcin with his full frame Canon camera, equipped with 85 mm, f/1.2 lens.



41856. Krzysiek at the cave entrance



41857. Penny bun mushrooms, Boletus edulis, which Krzysiek and Iza harvested during the ascent to the cave.



41859. Marcin's drone with wide angle camera after it lifted from the case which also doubles as a launching pad.



41860. Marcin and Krzysiek, who is fixing Iza's helmet headlamp - it all of a sudden decided to have a break.



41863. Iza in the entrance - to prevent collapsing the discoverers from Malinka speleo team added a concrete tube with a few iron steps for easier descent.



41864. Krzysiek is waiting for Iza, to help her descend if necessary.



41865. Climbing and sliding chimney style is the name of the game here ...



41866. There are quite a few narrow passages to overcome - here is one with Iza ...



41867. ... and another one with Krzysiek.



41868. Fire salamander, Salamandra salamandra with bent tail



41869. Iza is about to get through.



41872. Krzysiek on the rocks



41874. The author during a peaceful moment (photo by Krzysiek, back illumination by Marcin)



41875. The cave abounds in large rectangular rock surfaces, in different positions, here as a rhombus; Iza.



41876. Another narrow passage, but an easy one to pass as it is high enough: Iza and Krzysiek



41879. The main room of the cave, Walhalla, in a view towards the cave entrance, with Iza and Krzysiek - only his hand, holding the flash, is visible, center right.



41880. Cyclopean pillars support the large ceiling slabs - Walhalla, view towards inside the cave, Iza.



41881. Walhalla - towards the continuation passage, Marcin in oratorial mode, with Iza and Krzysiek ...



41882. ... and all together now.



41883. Slab fragments vary in thickness from an inch and up.



41885. Marcin on a rope with knots, probably left here as an aid to access upper side chambers ...



41886. ... and negotiating his way out of a low passage, trying not to touch floor puddles too much.



41887. Krzysiek at the Waterfall - it gets much wilder here after the rain.



41890. In several places in the cave such fine intertwined sediment layers are to be found.



41888. Iza in the last little chamber before moving up through the side crack (left of her head) up to the cave entrance.



41891. Soon after the exit the latter remained in our memory just as an afterimage.



41892. Another cave entrance?



41893. The return path starts in a dense young forest: Marcin and Iza



41894. View west, against the late afternoon sky



41895. Iza, Krzysiek and Marcin at the side of a large grove of dry grass, magnificent in the sun rays.



41896. Iza was the driver of a BMW, year 2000, in superb condition, courtesy of Tomek.



In the Garden of Krzysztof and Agnieszka in Leszczyny


41898 - 41903. Panoramic view of the garden and the house, from the southwestern side. Garden's ample open space offers plenty of room for the relaxation of the eye and the soul.



41897. The gazebo was the venue ...



41906. ... of a garden party, here enjoyed by Krzysiek, Marta and Marcin, not to mention the writer of these lines, who liked most the baked rice with apples (lower left in the round glass dish) and ...



41904. ... certainly the fish.



41907. Krzysiek at the fireplace



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