Primož Jakopin, photo diary

A Trip with Adrian to Soča River Valley and Mala Boka Cave Entrance
A Day Beautiful, Vibrant and Bright, as of Pure Silver Cast*

October 11, 2018, 22 pictures

          Most images are approximately 768 x 1024 pixels in size, numbers in front of the picture descriptions are serial numbers of the original photo files. Event participant who contributed to the making of these pictures and related persons: Adrian Wilkins, Špela Borko and Matic Di Batista.

          Pictures photo and copyright (c) Primož Jakopin - Klok 2018 except 42127 where the credits go to Adrian Wilkins.

Speleo Camp Laze


42117. Adrian at the door of his glamping cottage. The price was reasonable, it can be calculated, in Euros per night, by prime factorization of the number 20020. When done, take the first (smallest) prime factor, the second, and the third and multiply them together.



42116. Cottage room



Divje jezero


42118. View of the western side of the lake with the geological fault above it, from the access trail, Adrian



42119. Eastern lake side



To Mala Boka Cave


42120. Snack at the bridge over the Boka riverbed: cooked spinach and chickpeas, khaki, garlic, yeast free bread, aronia juice with spinach water



42122. Adrian is resting at the trail side.



42128. The access gets steeper closer to the cave entrance, and turns into via ferrata. Below Adrian's feet there is 20 m of a free fall.



42129. Cave entrance from the outside



42123. The entrance is quite roomy, Adrian ...



42124. ... here looking out, to the entrance.



42126. Adrian, investigator britannicus sempervirens, and ...



42127. ... Klok, diurnarius cavernicolus carniolus



42132 - 42124. Panoramic view out of the entrance



42135. View south over the dry riverbed of the Boka river



Upper Soča River Valley


42136. Adrian above the Soča river canyon, near the village Soča



42137. A memorial sign, erected above the confluence of Lepena and Soča river, where the Robin DR 400-180R plane crashed after hitting the power line with the wing, 150 m above ground, on August 2, 1987.



42138. Clouds above the mountain ridge NW of Zadnja Trenta valley



42139. Clouds steaming out of Mt. Briceljk (2.346 m a. s. l.), view up the Zadnja Trenta ...



42140. ... here also with Adrian



42141. Early evening snack: compote of apples and plums, bread, sheep yogurt, fig jam



DZRJL Meeting / Air Raid Shelter in Ljubljana, Ulica Luize Pesjakove


42142. The other side of the room, as seen from the chair next to Adrian's



42143. Bonbons tamarins, tamarind candies, contributed to the meeting by Špela and Matic, from their latest climbing trip to Madagascar.



*After the finest sentence of the novel Pomladni dan / A Day in Spring (more reviews) by Ciril Kosmač, bard of the Soča river area.

  Radošca / Radoshitza Cave, Day 95, October 10     Radošca / Radoshitza Cave, Day 96, October 17  

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