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Markov Spodmol Cave
In Search of Abstract Shapes

October 20, 2018, 9 pictures

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Članska vas Village


42216. The shelter in the morning mist



From Razdrto to Hruševje


42217. Donkeys on pasture, Mt. Nanos is in the background





42219. South of Sajevče there is a large field and the field track to the cave is passing its eastern rim. In dry weather it is well passable, probably not so if it is wet, especially as the track crosses the brook, without bridge, just below the village. Further to the east of the field this tongue of a large meadow opens up.



Markov spodmol

          The name could be translated as Marko's Rock Shelter (Marko is a Slovenian personal name, an equivalent of Marc in English). It is situated south of the village Sajevče, it is the sinkhole of the Sajevščica brook, which has its spring north of the village. Usually sinkholes are either deep pits of are filled to the top with debris load of the stream that created them. Not so Markov spodmol. As its entrance is only reached by high waters most of the Sajevščica debris stays outside, the cave also descends towards its depth rather slowly until the pits at the end - it is 868 m long and 61 m deep. Large part of the cave is accessible without special equipment, without neoprene, required to pass the pools of water deeper in the cave.
          Markov spodmol is easily accessible, it is less than 100 meters from a large clearing at the end of the forest road. In wet weather, when Sajevščica gets higher but still not so high to reach the cave entrance, it is possible to get there from the south, from the village Laže (not Laze). On the paved road to Laže turn left just before the church and continue using the forest road, and take left turn (always left) on all the junctions. After 4 km of forest road, also passable with low clearance vehicles (and careful driving) the Sajevče plain is reached. Turn left there and you are quickly at the cave.
          All in all it is well worth the visit. The only easy such cave (at least the horizontal part) far around, it is less humbly documented on this site (in Slovenian).


42222. View out from the entrance ...



42225 - 42226. and a panoramic view in from the outside



42224. The cave continues on the left ...



42223. ... here additionally illuminated by two small headlights ...



42221. ... which uncover the jagged side profile.



42220. View towards the entrance room from the inner part of the tunnel.



  Radošca / Radoshitza Cave, Day 96, October 17     Radošca / Radoshitza Cave, Day 97, October 24  

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