Primož Jakopin, photo diary

Mt. Kanin - from Cable Car D Station to Koča Petra Skalarja / Peter Skalar Hut
New Year's Eve Day on the Cave Mountain

December 31, 2018, 45 pictures

          Most images are approximately 768 x 1024 pixels in size, numbers in front of the picture descriptions are serial numbers of the original photo files, given by the photographer. The most visible event participants in the pictures and related persons: Tjaša Vezovnik, Matic Di Batista, Uroš Kunaver, Nataša Sivec, David Škufca, Ester Premate, Lojze Blatnik, Andrej Drevenšek - Vrtnar, Jure Bevc, Jaroš Obu, Mitja Mršek, Cyril Maynaud, Domagoj Korais, Marko Rakovac, Luka Havliček and Filip Šarc.

          Pictures photo and copyright (c) Primož Jakopin - Klok 2018. Portraits were enhanced by cropping, as were a few other pictures.

From D Station to the Hut


42905. Tjaša's companion, blessed in high mountain ...



42906. ... up close



42909. Tjaša in front of Mt. Prestreljenik (2.498 m) ...



42908. ... in a closer view ...



42907. ... and a portrait



42910. David, equipped for a winter mountain visit ...



42911. ... with an appropriate headwear, too.



42912. The trail begins with a 100 m descent in the valley west of station D - from the right: Ester, David and three non-caving-team visitors.



42913. DZRJL caving team equipped the first ascent on the trail with a rope a week ago. Close to the top: Tjaša, Uroš, her companion and Ester ...



42914. ... and on top: Tjaša, her companion, Uroš, Nataša and Ester



42915. The winter trail winds up from one passage between the rocks to another: Tjaša, her companion and Uroš ...



42917. ... here in lighter fleece cardigan ...



42916. ... and up close. Before departure to the hut he briefed us all on the proper use of ice-axe and crampons.



42918. On the ledge: Uroš, Tjaša's companion and Tjaša



42919. In places walking over frozen snow was combined with short rock climbing parts: David, Ester and Nataša.



42920. Enjoying the day, Tjaša and her companion



42921. On a small sadlle between two rock outcrops, against the bright sky: Ester and Uroš



42924. Another saddle, against the sun



42925. Marko ...



42926. ... and Domagoj. We met them on their return, to D Station and down to Bovec.



42928. Heavily backpacked, as everybody else ...



42927. ... Ester



42929. David, Uroš, Ester, Tjaša's companion and Tjaša on the trail, with a background of inclined limestone strata



42930. Nataša's (black) and photographer's (brown) boots, crampons and gaiters



42931. In places the trail is passing a spot on top of a narrow canyon, which can be rather tricky because crampons give little support on the exposed rock.



42932. Happily on the other side: Uroš and Nataša ...



42933. ... here already on top of the ridge



42934. David is negotiating one more rocky passage.



42935. On the edge of a precipice - all you need is to stay calm and focused.



42936. Ice-axe is a manifold tool, helps propel you up - David and Mt. Prestreljenik



Peter Skalar Hut


42938. David on the rock plateau northwest of the hut



42939. Photographer's menu: beef soup with hemp noodles, beetroot salad, bread, tea (not shown)



42940. In the dining room: Cyril, Jaroš, Uroš, Luka, Filip and Andrej (left to right)



42941. Mt. Kanin Call of the Abyss veteran, contributed to achievements from Mala Boka to Čehi 2, Hudi Vršič, Črnelsko brezno, Skalarjevo brezno, you name it, and now also to P4 ...



42942. ... is Mitja



42943. Jure, a young DZRJL Kanin bottom team member



42944. Mitja and Matic



From the Hut to D Station


42945. View west across the Kaninski podi plateau to Vrh Laške Planje (2.446 m)



42946. One of many elongated areas of melted snow, it follows a local fault line in the limestone.



42947. A double, more pronounced blow hole ...



42948. ... and a single larger one. They indicate a hollow space below, most likely a cave, but with and entrance which would require (usually extensive) widening to allow human access.



42949. The rope on top of the last descent, to the valley below the cable car D station. It was de-rigged to prevent use by casual visitors who saw it from below and were tempted to use it to move up at least part of the trail, usually improperly equipped (no crampons and ice-axe), sometimes even without boots, in sneakers. It was late in the day so the photographer unfolded it again for safer descent.



From Kanin Cable Car B Station to Rateče near Planica


42950. Sunset-illuminated Clouds to the Southwest



42951. Christmas tree on one of the turns of the Bovec - B Station road, illuminated partly by car headlights, partly by the phone flash



42952. A deciduous tree, probably a lime, illuminated as a Christmas tree, on the Slovenian side of the border with Italy west of Radeče




  Access to Jama pri podrtih jaslicah Cave, December 30     Marko's Blowhole, instead of Radošca / Radoshitza Cave, Day 106, January 3, 2019  

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